Munnar strike to be made movie

Munnar strike to be made movie

Recently the Munnar strike conducted by the ladies workers in Munnar, had created waves all over Kerala. They had done the strike without the support of any social-political parties or trade unions. Aashiq Abu, is planning to make this strike as a movie.

As the revolution of ladies set fire to the State and industrialists, the political parties and trade unions came up for the support of ladies. But they refused to hold hands with them and finally reached their target. The ladies were ready to accept the support of some uncorrupted political leaders and ignored even the ministers of the state. The government had no other option other than to accept their demands.

The pre-production works for the movie have started and the details of actors and other crew members are not said out. Aashiq Abu was a student political leader during his college times at Maharaja College and therefore the audience can expect a good movie without loosing all effects of a real strike and its social relevance.