Jomol is ready with special gifts for one click

Jomol is ready with special gifts for one click

Malayalam actress Jomol is turning into a a new business venture. She is now all set with an online business website for gifts. is the website for surprising your loved ones with something special.

Dine Out, Spa, Rooms, House Boat etc can be gifted to your dear ones through the website. They have deal with top five star hotels in Kerala. Music and dance classes, arts and craft classes, cooking and baking classes, yoga, marital arts, Scuba diving courses etc can also be offered to as a gift to your loved ones via ''.

Users can select their budget of purchase which limits from Rs 500 to above 20,000. Makeitspecial as the name clues is a special website for gifting special gifts which is Kerala itself. The website gives a special experience for the users.

Jomol announced about her new online business in a press meet. Jomol is not into films after 2007. She is a busy mother of two daughters Aarya and Aarja. Portal director Geetha Pillai, Niya Mopdeshtav, Adv. Vishnu B Kurup also came for the press meet.