Jayasurya singing in Prithviraj Movie

Jayasurya singing in Prithviraj Malayalam Movie Pavada

Jayasurya has proved to be a good singer even though he is not trained. Jayasurya's song in the movie 'Punyalan Agarbhathis', which was his own production, became a hit. The actor used to sing only for his movies and his characters.

But now the actor is taking a change and he is called up for singing in the movie 'Pavada' for Prithviraj. Jayasurya says he feels confident as he does not know anything about music and he is aware that he is going to be trouble by singing as he is not a trained singer. Jayasurya and Prithviraj will be seen together, in 'Amar Akbar Antony', after a long gap.