Issue between Vijay Babu and Sandra has been sorted out

Issue between Vijay Babu and Sandra has been sorted out

Finally, the issues between Vijay Babu and Sandra Thomas, owners of Friday Film House have been sorted out. Sandra herself revealed this news through her official Facebook page.  Earlier, Sandra Thomas filed a police complaint, alleging that Vijay Babu physically attacked her during a verbal fight that happened at their office. Within a very short time, Vijay come up with an explanation, said that it was a fake case. However, now the issue has been sorted out and got a happy ending.

Dear Friends, We always celebrated our accomplishments. There was no jealousy involved. On a minor quarrel between us, our 'toxic' friends have found ways to rain on our parade, introducing storms and tempests of invalidation, apparently with the motove of belittlement and degradation. Still they often disguise themselves as 'honest' or 'helpful'. Our issues are being sorted out between us and nothing can emotionally exhaust me. Here I raise the red flag for such emotional vampires who are trying to worsen things, propogating fallacious versions. Nothing can put a shade on the light of friendship...

It's over !
We will sort between ourself . Issue started on a Tuesday ... Sorted on Friday ! Friday film house continues ..,
Sandra will be my friend and partner forever .
As friends , We will not forgive the so called people who tired to aggravate a small issue .
(Simple English )