Dileep fulfills the dream of Kanchanamala

Dileep fulfills the dream of Kanchanamala

Kanchanamala's love had left a burning sensation inside every Malayalees who saw the movie. The movie is successful at theaters, but Moideen Seva Mandir which is Kanchanamala's dedication to Moideen does not have a building its own. The organisation is running under a shed which is not strong.

Malayalam actor and Janapriyanayakan Dileep had come forward to help Kanchanamala's dream come true. Dileep assured Kanchanamala to build a strong building for B.P Moideen Seva Madir.

Dileep had called Kanchanamala hearing her difficulties and asked her if he should call her sister. She said Dileep to her mother(Amma). Dileep kept his word and reached Mukkham to meet Kanchanamala. Dileep visited the drak room of the existing seva mandir even in heavy rain. He said that Moideen Seva Mandir is a helping hand for poor people and it is a dream of Kanchanamma. He added that he will support her for developing this good work.

Dileep will lay foundation stone for the new seva mandir on November 15th. Dileep also visited Kanchanamala's sister's house at Mabatta and discussed with her about the new building. A new plan of 2000 sq building is approved by Mukkham panchayath and Dileep had assured to complete the work. He had also requested good heart people to come forward to help her and movies had turned out to be an omen for good happening.