Award winning movie 'Ain' leaving theaters

Award winning movie Ain leaving theaters

Ain, the Malayalam movie which won the Best movie award of Kerala State, is leaving theaters in one week. The release of Tamil movie 'Puli' has affected the movie very much. Due to lack of audience the movie was forced to stop its shows, said its director and Malayalam actor Sidharth Siva through Facebook.

He said that they did not even get the cash spent for releasing the movie and it was very few people who took effort to watch the movie and appreciate it. Some people who knew about the release of the movie through facebook and whatsapp came to watch the film all the way from Eranakulam and Kottayam to Trissur. He said he is thankfull to all those who saw the movie and said the review.

He added he took the movie not in a believe that the movie will run in housefull theaters and happy that atleast some of the movie lovers came to watch the movie and appreciated the team for their effort.

Sidharth Siva added that there were many good actors, technicians, musicians etc in the film and their talents should not be ignored and try to see the show till wednesday. Trissur - Kairali - 2:30 pm, Kozhikkod - Kairali - 6:00 pm, 9 pm and Trivandrum - Nila - 11:30 AM. He added, there is another award movie releasing on October 2nd, 'Ottal', in more theaters and try to watch the movie.