Anarkali Boxoffice Collection Report

Anarkali Malayalam Collection Report


Prithviraj has an amazing year so far, is going to make another hit through Sachy's film Anarkali. Anarkali recieved good reviews from audiences and it is running steadily all over Kerala. It is quite astonishing that his all three movies are running successfully in theatre at same time, a quite rare phenomina after some time in Malayalam Cinema. It has collected around 4.56  Crores in first week itself. After 24 days of collection it has collected 11.76 Crore from box office.

By January 7, 2016 . It has collected 13.30 crores from box office. Still running in B and C class theaters. As its most of the run are shifted to B and C class theateres, currently it has 13.65 Crores so far. On its final run it collected 13.86 Crores.

Day Date Gross
7   4.56 crore
12   7.58 Crore
14   8.53 Crore
24   11.76 Crore
Final run   13.86 Crores

* All figures are approximate