Ramaleela box office collection report

Ramaleela Box office report malayalam

At last, Janapriaya Nayakan's Ramaleela arrived at Kerala box office, amidst calls for the boycott. The movie is getting positive reviews from most of the audience. It was released in 131 screens across Kerala and 193 screens across India on September 28, 2017. This political thriller has got good advanced booking and the morning shows on opening day started with good occupancies. Extra shows and screens added for night shows on the first day as it is attracting the family audience too.

As per the earliest reports coming out, the movie has got 6.87 lakhs from Kochi multiplexes with 94% occupancies. 

Kerala Box office

Date Day Collection Gross
28-Sep-2017 1st Day Collection  2.13 Crores  2.13 Crores
29-Sep-2017 2nd Day Collection 2.47 Crores 4.60 Crores
01-Oct-2017 4 Days Collection   10.60 Crores
02-Oct-2017 5 Days Collection   13.21 Crores
05-Oct-2017 8 Days Collection   16.77 Crores
08-Oct-2017 11th Day Collection   20.66 Crores
11-Oct-2017 14 Days Collection   23.17 Crores
13-Oct-2017 16 Days Collection   26.81 Crores
27-Oct-2017 30 Days Collection   28.05 Crores
2-Nov-2017 36 Days Collection   32.17 Crores

Kochi Multiplex Collection Report

Date Day Collection Gross
28-Sep-2017 1st Day Collection  6.87 Lakhs 6.87 Lakhs
29-Sep-2017 2nd Day Collection  6.92 Lakhs 13.80 Lakhs
30-Sep-2017 3rd Day Collection  6.95 Lakhs 20.76 Lakhs
1-Oct-2017 4th Day Collection  7.04 Lakhs 27.80 Lakhs
2-Oct-2017 5th Day Collection  6.52 Lakhs 34.32 Lakhs
3-Oct-2017 6th Day Collection  5 Lakhs 39.32 Lakhs
4-Oct-2017 7th Day Collection  5.31 Lakhs 44.63 Lakhs
5-Oct-2017 8th Day Collection  4.58 Lakhs 49.21 Lakhs
6-Oct-2017 9th Day Collection  5.08 Lakhs 54.29 Lakhs
7-Oct-2017 10th Day Collection  6.40 Lakhs 60.69 Lakhs
8-Oct-2017 11th Day Collection  6.79 Lakhs 67.48 Lakhs