Kammara Sambhavam Box Office Collection

Kammara Sambhavam box office - Dileep

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Dileep’s grand budget movie Kammara Sambhavam was released on April 14, in 135 theatres all over Kerala. Written by Murali Gopy and directed by Rathish Ambat, the movie has got a thunderous opening at the box office, thanks to the huge pre-release hype around it. The movie has been garnering mixed to positive reviews from audiences and critics alike. The film closed with an excellent gross collection of 6.51 Lakhs with an exceptional occupancy of 99% from Kochi multiplexes on its opening day.

Kerala Box Office Collection

Date Day Collection Gross
14-April-2018 1st Day Collection 2.07 Crore 2.07 Crore
15-April-2018 2nd Day Collection 1.64 Crore 3.71 Crore
16-April-2018 3rd Day Collection 0.99 Crore 4.70 Crore
17-April-2018 4th Day Collection 0.63 Crore 5.33 Crore
19-April-2018 6 Days Collection   6.13 Crore
23-April-2018 10 Days Collection   7.24 Crore
29-April-2018 16 Days Collection   8.30 Crore

Tamil Nadu Box Office Collection

Days Gross
2 Days Collection 33.16 Lakhs

UAE Collection

Days Gross
10 Days Collection 1.07 Crore

Kochi Multiplex Collection

Date Day Collection Gross
14-April-2018 1st Day Collection 6.51 Lakhs 6.51 Lakhs
15-April-2018 2nd Day Collection 6.36 Lakhs 12.78 Lakhs
16-April-2018 3rd Day Collection 4.52 Lakhs 17.30 Lakhs
17-April-2018 4th Day Collection 3.53 Lakhs 20.83 Lakhs
18-April-2018 5th Day Collection 2.79 Lakhs 23.62 Lakhs
19-April-2018 6th Day Collection 2.04 Lakhs 25.66 Lakhs
20-April-2018 7th Day Collection 1.85 Lakhs 27.51 Lakhs