Comrade in America Boxoffice collection report

Comrade in America Boxoffice collection report - Dulquer

Dulquer Salmaan’s latest release Comrade in America directed by stylish filmmaker Amal Neerad has taken a very good opening at the Kerala box-office. Due to heavy crowd, special shows were added in many centers for the movie, which was released on May 5 in 200 screens in the state. Comrade in America had more than 800 shows on its opening day in Kerala. The movie, which had opened to mixed reviews, had collected over 14 Lakhs from the Kochi Multiplexes. The film has had a total of 40 shows at Cochin multiplexes on the first day with an exceptional 98% occupancy. Here is the detailed Kerala box office collection report of Comrade in America.

Kerala Collection Report

Date Day Collection Gross
05-May-2017 1st Day ₹ 3.09 Crores ₹ 3.09 Crores
06-May-2017 2nd Day ₹ 2.89 Crores ₹ 5.98 Crores
07-May-2017 3rd Day ₹ 2.28 Crores ₹ 8.26 Crores
08-May-2017 4th Day ₹ 1.44 Crore ₹ 9.70 Crores
11-May-2017 7th Day   ₹ 11.64 Crores
14-May-2017 10th Day ₹ 1.12 Crore ₹ 14.38 Crores
16-May-2017 12th Day 46 Lakhs ₹ 15.37 Crores
17-May-2017 13th Day 45 Lakhs ₹ 15.82 Crores
22-May-2017 18th Day   ₹ 17.11 Crores

Kochi Multiplex Collection Report

Date Day Occupancy Gross
05-May-2017 1st Day Collection 98.50% 14.03 Lakhs
06-May-2017 2nd Day Collection 93.52% 26.50 Lakhs
07-May-2017 3rd Day Collection 96.12% 39.59 Lakhs
08-May-2017 4th Day Collection 74.12% 49.31 Lakhs
09-May-2017 5th Day Collection 69.07% 57.81 Lakhs
10-May-2017 6th Day Collection 60.77% 64.87 Lakhs
11-May-2017 7th Day Collection 48.93% 71.48 Lakhs
12-May-2017 8th Day Collection 59.90% 76.94 Lakhs
13-May-2017 9th Day Collection 59.90% 83.19 Lakhs
14-May-2017 10th Day Collection 59.90% 90.34 Lakhs
15-May-2017 11th Day Collection 46.91% 94.29 Lakhs
16-May-2017 12th Day Collection 50.17% 97.89 Lakhs
17-May-2017 13th Day Collection 43.37% 1.01 Crore

Kochi Multiplexes Collection Courtesy: Snehasallapam 

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