Y movie review - a convincing thriller

Y Malayalam movie review

Sunil Ibrahim’s new movie Y, is a convincing thriller. The plot of the film is built around a theme that isn’t completely novel. But the way they have approached this theme by keeping the realism in a very sensible zone makes this movie a satisfying experience. This less than a two-hour long movie is definitely the best from the director who has earlier made movies like Chapters and Arikil Oral.

A young couple is in Trivandrum town enjoying their time together. A few young boys misbehave with them and the argument over it becomes a fight and I the midst all these events the girl gets kidnapped and is moved to a nearby flat. Now the witnesses know that she is there inside the flat but due to certain practicalities, those along with the police are unable to search the flat. The movie Y actually shows us that nervous 2 hours they took to find the girl.

The concept here is not an entirely fresh one. But it’s the disguise of the theme as a different kind of thriller with realistic rendering of situations that make this movie work. Realism is getting widely accepted these days and I must say that Sunil Ibrahim effectively utilizes that tone to provide us the raw visual of the situation. He creates these subplots that communicate various sets of emotions. What we feel as a logical flaw gets addressed in the film and that helps the movie in being fool proof.

Alencier as the police officer delivers an impeccable performance. The nuances he added to the character was really fabulous. Jins Bhasker was good. So was Reshma who was paired opposite to him. Dheeraj Denny was convincing. The other names in the cast include Rajagopalan, Anand Manmadhan, Rahul, Gibin and a few more. Except for a few in the elaborate cast, most of the casting choices were fine.

The lesser amount of drama in the treatment is one key reason why this movie looks fresh. The conversations and attitude of characters are quite sensible and understandable. The narrative is plain. Interestingly, this two-hour long movie is only showing us things happening over a time of two hours. The characters are built with believability. Dialogues are pretty organic. The visuals of the movie fit the tone. Cuts are neat and so was the background score.

Y is that realistic approach towards a commercially feasible thriller. It doesn’t try to make itself a propaganda driven cinema. Instead, it just adds a cinematic texture to a very ordinary event. This one will please those who like getting invested in narratives.


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