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The grandeur of the name and the content of the movie Viswa Vikhyatharaya Payyanmar have no connection. A story about a group of youngsters is as tacky as it can get. This movie has a script that doesn’t know where to focus properly and by the end when all the multi narratives coincide, you feel relieved because of the fact that the torture is over.

Gopi and Lal are going to Ernakulam to find a friend. In that bus journey, they meet a priest and they tell him the reason why they are going to Ernakulam. The past of these boys and the things they did in the immediate future is what this movie trying to show us.

I have to conclude the summary of the basic plot in that way because this film has no constant plot. At one point is a quest to find someone, then it becomes helping a girl, then there is almost a heist mission and you feel clueless about the intentions of the writer. From the opening Mini Militia scene itself, one can clearly get a signal that the makers are struggling to pitch sensible content. The jokes are extremely lame and the pointless wandering of the script cements the mediocrity of the film. In the second half, we don’t get to see Lal played by Aju Varghese for a long time and the continuity issues will make you question the honesty of the makers.

Karma and coincidence have been depicted in the story in the silliest way one can imagine. The preachy cheesy coincidences never really work. Rajesh Kannakara is struggling to add authenticity to the tale. The character of Lal has a bad tongue and the movie is depending too much on that ridiculous plot point. The serious conflicts of this film are quite laughable. The cinematography was average while the music was disappointing. The edits were also poor.

Deepak Parambol has a style and he repeats that here as well. Aju Varghese is also repeating his typical portrayal. Leema Babu plays the female lead of the movie and is just okay. Bhagath Manuel, Sudhy Koppa, and Hareesh are the other prominent faces in the film. Devan and Manoj K Jayan appear in the movie in characters that don’t really demand anything from them.

Luckily this movie is only 126 minutes long. With only discretely happening mumbling jokes working in favor of the film, what Viswa Vikhyatharaya Payyanmar are offering to the audience is just boredom.


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