Villain Review: An emotional thriller with a stale script

Villain Malayalam movie review - Mohanlal

B Unnikrishnan has used some of the familiar one liners we have heard in English movies in his new movie Villain to make it look like a sophisticated cinema that analyses the emotional state of characters deeply. But this film is not trying to make itself different from the exiting mould of cop vs culprit story. With sound technical quality giving the film a grandeur on screen along with a good performance from its leading man Mohanlal, Villain is an ordinary thriller.

ADGP Mathew Manjooran is going through a tough phase in his career. He lost his dear ones in a car accident and on his last day at work before opting for VRS, a murder case comes in front of him. The film focuses on that particular case and the last official investigation of Mathew Manjooran.

The striking resemblance between Memories and Villain is something one would easily notice. The emotional and psychological state of both heroes is quite similar. In fact there is a structural similarity in the story too. B Unnikrishnan has tried to add emotional layers to both hero and villain to make it look like an ideological clash too. But the surface level approach towards the alternate justice idea doesn’t really have much of an impact. In one particular scene, Aju Varghese’s character says he has noticed the color of the nail polish of someone who was nearly 100 meters away, but couldn’t notice the vehicle’s number.

The style of writing and screenplay building of B Unnikrishnan has not changed at all. The way he approaches certain technicalities with certain ambitious imaginations is still not convincing. Predictability is another weak point of the screenplay. The excitement to know the truth is not there. Where he has done the best is in making sure that the technical team behind the movie is strong. The cinematography of the film manages to capture the feel of the situations neatly. Sushin Shyam’s captivating background music was a positive along with the songs of 4 Musics.

Mohanlal is pretty effective and his emotions and reactions have that subtlety. The pointlessness of certain dialogues was reduced due to the grace in his dialogue delivery. Vishal doesn’t have much to do in the film except for the climax where he gets a scene in combination with Mohanlal. Hansika Motwani is just there to give a company to Vishal. Manju Warrier has a brief yet important role. Raashi Khanna, Siddique, Chemban Vinod Jose, Renji Panicker etc. are the remaining actors who were all fine in their roles.

Technically and performance wise Villain is fine. But this movie comes as a thriller and thrillers need freshness in terms of scripting to make the audience feel engaged and excited. That part was sadly not there in this B Unnikrishnan movie.


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