Vikadakumaran review: outdated yet satisfactory one

Vikadakumaran review: outdated yet satisfactory one

There is an element of delivering justice to the needy at the end of Vikadakumaran which makes it a good enough story to be appreciated. It is not a great achievement in terms of the cinematic scope of movie making. But the ultimate agenda of the film is somewhat a satisfactory one.

Struggling advocate Binu Choorezhan is our main protagonist. He has been finding it difficult to make it big in the job he does. At one particular point in life he becomes part of a sensational case and after that his move to switch sides makes him an infamous advocate. The ways through which Binu finally manages to deliver justice is what the movie depicting.

If you guys have seen the Jolly LLB franchise from Bollywood, scenes and situations would definitely remind you of those films. The way the humour happens and how our hero is crucified etc are pretty similar to Jolly LLB. The jokes from YV Rajesh’s script aren’t always working. The treatment of the movie is pretty outdated. The characters are very much on the typical side. But in the last quarter of the film there is a fair amount of recovery which eventually places the movie on the average level.

The under achiever character of the hero is in a way very much suitable for an actor like Vishnu Unnikrishnan. Dharmajan as the right hand of the hero is only there for humour and saves the movie from being boring. Heroine Manasa Radhakrishnan has no relevance in the story. Jinu Joseph looks good to be the kind of villain the movie demands, but his dialogue delivery wasn't that great. The character offered to Baiju was way too annoying. Indrans, Seema G Nair, Sunil Sukhada and a few more are there in the movie.

Bobban Samuel is an old school director and he treats the movie very much similar to the way he has treated all his other films. The scripting of the movie is also deliberately trying to package it as a festival entertainer. This typical nature of the film due to the lack of innovative ways of storytelling will disappoint you. The cinematography isn’t that great, production design is a letdown and the music doesn’t have an impact too.

Bobban Samuel, Saji Surendran, Sugeeth etc. are some directors who follow a particular style of movie making and I personally am not a big fan of that style. If you are someone for whom the movies of these directors have worked, this will be an entertaining one for you.