Veeram movie review; Weakened by Performances

Veeram Malayalam movie review; Weakened by Performances

The latest in director Jayaraj’s Navarasa series, Veeram got a grand reception when the first look got unveiled with a technical team of great experience and a cast that had a pan India appeal. But if your expectations were high the movie isn’t actually that satisfying. Visual magnitude we saw in the promos isn’t that effective when it comes to the film and with lead roles struggling to deliver an appreciable performance, Veeram’s pluses are largely in the technical side. 

Through the epic film Oru Vadakkan Veeragatha, we all are kind of familiar with the folklore. Ilanthalam Chandu is a glorious warrior of Kalari. After winning a dual he gets appreciated and that plants the seed for more power in his mind. The film looks into the deeds he does after that to attain more power and how it eventually haunts him.

William Shakespeare’s Macbeth had some key resemblances with the tale of Chandhu as both had similar journey. Jayaraj tries to maintain a play feel to the entire narrative. But such presentations will only look charismatic if the performances can match up to the quality of the writing. The looks of the actors who play these roles may be a key factor in the presentation, but ultimately it is the performance that matters and Veeram has a major weak point in that area. Kunal Kapoor has the attire of a warrior and the girls have beauty to be those wicked minds that evokes a lusty desire in Chandu’s mind. But like I said, it all remained in looks.  

When it comes to acting there is a serious lack of sync in the dubbing of Kunal Kapoor. He emotes and presents dialogues in a very constrained way and the dubbing was the exact opposite. Divina Thakur and Himarsha Venkatsamy look stunning but the performances were flawed especially Divina. Other performers in the cast include Shivajith Nambiar, Aaran and Satheesh Menon who were relatively better.

The movie of this scale needed a technical backup of great magnitude and director Jayaraj has tried to achieve that. The locations chosen for the film looks fine. Screenplay is written by the director himself and unfortunately the events are happening way too quickly. There is a transition over time that happens to Chandu and with almost all the characters maintaining the same age (in terms of looks) you don’t really see a reason for the combat happening inside the minds of many characters. Edits were nice and the frames good. The static frames you see in some of the visual effects aided shots reduces the so called Oscar glory of the film. Renganath Ravee has done a good job in the sound design department.

Veeram is supposed to be an attempt to showcase a power greedy man’s emotional conflict. By making the film look grand externally, Jayaraj manages to create an impression but the film fails to go in to the depths of human emotions. With performances failing to rise to the standard we expect, Veeram is only an average deal.


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