Thoppil Joppan Review; Watch It For Mammootty

Thoppil Joppan Review; Watch It For Mammootty

At last, that day has arrived, the releasing day of Mammootty’s Thoppil Joppan. I was much excited as everyone to watch Mammootty’s latest Achayan avatar on screen. Mammootty is playing the character of Joppan aka Thoppan, who became an alcoholic because of love failure. Kaviyoor Ponnamma is playing the character of Joppan’s mother. Joppan has four close friends, played by Alancier, Sreejith Ravi, Sohan Seenulal and Saju Navodaya. The movie has two female leads, played by Mamta Mohandas and Andrea Jeremiah. Mamtha plays the character of a young doctor and Andrea appears as the ex-lover of Joppan.

Thoppil Joppan tells the story of Joppan, a Kottayam based Achayan who is a kabaddi player and an alcoholic. He does not show much interest on marriage because he has Annie, his ex-lover in his mind. To change his attitude on marriage and addiction to alcohol, he has sent to a de addiction centre run by Fr.Isaac Vaalambarambil (Salim Kumar), by his family members.

Coming to the performances, Mammootty was the real show stealer with his energetic performance and effortless dialogue delivery, which has an Achayan slang. Mamtha Mohandas and Andrea have done their part well, but there were some lip sync issues with Andrea. Kaviyoor Ponnamma did the role of an ideal mother as usual. Salim Kumar has made a fine comeback with the role of Fr. Isaac Vaalambarambil. Harisree Ashokan as broker Vakkachan was fine. Alancier, Sreejith Ravi, Sohan Seenulal, Saju Navodaya and Jude Anthany Joseph played their role really well.

On considering Johny Antony’s last movie Bhaiyya Bhaiyya, Thoppil Joppan is cent per cent impressive, but nowhere near to his masterpieces like C.I.D. Moosa or Kochi Rajavu. Scriptwriter Nishad Koya had tried to make the script engaging, but on considering his previous works such as Ordinary and Madhura Naranga, Thoppil Joppan is not up to the mark. Music by Vidyasagar is good and the title song 'Ithanu Kavya Nayakan' can create a wonderful ambience in the cinema hall.

Overall Thoppil Joppan is an above average movie with some decent comedies.

Verdict: Hit


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