The Great Father Review : Mixture of social relevance and commercial flavors

The Great Father Review

Judiciary’s limitations have always been a reason behind most of the customized justice plots we have seen in films. Due to the increasing number of female harassment cases, this theme was used very frequently in the recent past and the movie The Great Father from Haneef Adeni also marks the use of the same idea. The social relevance and the heroism gives a boost to the film externally, but the content here isn’t that gripping.

A builder named David Nainan is our central protagonist. His daughter and his wife are his world. His Daughter Sarah talks about the stories of her dad’s past to all her friends. The family was moving smoothly and happily until one day an incident shatters them completely. The involvement of a psycho killer in that incident prompts David to go for an investigation of his own to find out the criminal. That journey of David is what the film is dealing with.

You can kind of find a connection between Karmayodha, Memories and The Great Father. The last one looks like a merged version of the first two. It has a protective father and at the same time an investigator seeking for revenge. To make the usual hero vs villain scenario interesting, Adeni adds a parallel official investigation. And a good chunk of the hero centric thrills you get while watching the film is due to that portion. With occasional shots that show the swagger of our hero The Great Father is not that boring.

There is no question about how stunning Mammootty looks as David Nainan. Thankfully Haneef Adeni has created scenes that used the actor in him. That leaked scene along with that one particular hospital scene, we get to see the emotional father. Sneha doesn’t have much to do here. Arya as the bulky police officer Andrews looks less convincing as a police officer and thanks to the dubbing artist, his performance looked nice on screen. The character offer to Anikha had some complications and the girl did it very neatly.

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The emphasize Haneef Adeni has given here is on the external look of the movie. And by showing us the heroics of Nainan he has somewhat managed to achieve that. The writing was the weak part. It couldn’t create the kind of intrigue one would expect. Hero vs Villain scenario needed a better charm and when you finally get to know who the bad guy was, you will have questions on an immediate backtracking. Cinematography and music were average. The background score from Sushinshyam sounded nice. Cuts were just okay.

On the whole The Great Father is an average cinema. It has social relevance and commercial flavors. But the mixture of these two needed a better blend.


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