The Gambler Review: highly disappointing

The Gambler Malayalam Movie Review, Rating - Anson Paul

The Gambler, directed by Tom Emmatty is one big fraud way of using cinema for product placement.  We have seen endorsements of products in various films but The Gambler is one horrible movie that has done the marketing within the film in the worst possible way.  Conceived as a motivational story, the only motivation it gave me was to check whether there is any way for me to go to consumer court to get a refund.

Anson, the main lead of the movie owns an advertising firm. His company is struggling to get clients and that affected his personal life too. At a point of total hopelessness, Anson gets a project with great possibilities.  The events that happen surrounding that particular project is (some) what the movie is about.

If any of you thought this movie was a superhero movie, then that's one big misleading ad campaign of this film. A tacky version of Doctor Strange vs Green Lantern is recreated for a dream sequence and they have cunningly included it in the film to fool the audience. The story here is absolutely random and tedious.  At one point even the recent floods were incorporated into the movie in the lamest of ways possible.  The second half of the movie shows the hero running for his life, but it had no real interest in solving those problems.

Anson Paul's angry mode is too artificial and feeling anything for the pain of his character is really difficult. Dyanna plays the role of Dyanna, a character with no real importance.  Vishnu Govindan reprises Jomi from Oru Mexican Aparatha. Rest of the cast has big names like Innocent, Salim Kumar, Sijoy Varghese, Jayaraj Warrier, Roopesh Peethambaran etc. But sadly none of them played a relevant character as the ultimate aim was to promote an app. Tom Emmatty's son was just about okay in being that important character.

The fact that almost all the cast members are close friends of the director and the producer himself has acted in this movie were actually huge clues for the audience to skip The Gambler. They have cast flood time internet sensation Vinod Naryan in the movie and I still don't know what was the need of it.  The movie is basically this weird experience of paying money to watch a mediocre advertisement.  Songs have no sense of timing and The Gambler is one movie were you will be least bothered about technical glory as everything is ridiculously bad.

If it was a bad film I would have been okay with it. That's not a first for anyone who watches movies. But the fact that they made a terrible movie instead of making an advertisement really annoys me and the movie should be called out as it insulted the movie medium.


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