Solo review - an average flick

Solo Malayalam movie Review 2017

The identity Bejoy Nambiar has created about himself as a filmmaker is that of a director who use the visuals to tell the tale with less verbal explanations. Even though his films have not got received overwhelmingly, this style factor kept him among the promising lot. Solo from Bejoy is an anthology film that has four films based on Air, Wind, Fire, and Water. The standard Bejoy Nambiar approach of making it visually captivating is there for sure, but the lack of depth in each story because of the restrained time is the main demerit.

The depth of each story here is on the synopsis level. Shekhar is a man with stammering issues and his conflict has to with the limitations. Thrilok is just a man who is seeking revenge. Shiva’s struggle has something to do with his dark childhood. And in the case of Rudra, the conflict is the complexities of a relationship. So the movie is depicting their solo struggle using the four elements as a theme.

For any of you have seen the kind of films Bejoy Nambiar has done, this movie isn’t an entirely shoddy one. The disappointment one feel is mainly due to the decision to make this film as an anthology. Each story here had the potential to be four kinds of full-length feature films and the stories were such that it demanded that much of time to establish the plot. The dialogue delivery of most of the actors in the film sounds artificial and that only adds more pain. Sruthi Hariharan’s outburst gave way to unintentional comedy at times. The peripheral approach of the writing needed a little more subtle and layered approach.

The evolving actor Dulquer Salmaan gets even better with each film. The four characters had four different shades and attitudes and he manages to give them that uniqueness. From body language to the way he carries them, you would clearly know the reason why he opted this film as it gave him space to expand his caliber as an actor. The trimmed stories offer very less space to each other supporting actor. While Arthi Venkatesh only existed in montages, Sruthi Hariharan was failing miserably to carry that role. Dhansika’s innocent and beautiful face help’s Shekhar’s story and in terms of performance, I think Neha Sharma has got the best role here as Akshara. Dino Morea, Nassar, Suhasini, Anson Paul, Ann Augustine, Soubin, Govind, Sidharth Menon etc. are there in the big cast of the film.

The film almost made me feel that Bejoy doesn’t have much of an idea about how Malayalam is spoken in the most realistic way. When the extreme clichés are coming into the conversations, there is no tweaking to make them authentic. The visuals of this movie are quite breathtaking and stunning and Sreekar Prasad has done a great job mixing them all to give a totality of the emotions. The writing should have been either elaborate or effectively minimal. Those really interested in the building of a story would find the possibilities of making each of the four stories a better one. Background score was really good and the good songs were not utilized effectively.

The issue with Solo is that it is an anthology. If Bejoy had made it as a franchise or series (Jayaraj’s Navarasa series for eg.) things would have been a little more effective.


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