Shubharathri Review: an excessively melodramatic one

Shubharathri Review: an excessively melodramatic one

If you belong to that category of viewers who just wants a message in the film, then the new movie Shubharathri from director Vysan KP may work for you. But if you have any regard for things like nuance and craft, then this movie can annoy to the core. The abundance of goodness Vyasan KP shows in this movie is way too much and the exploration is extremely peripheral. Siddique who plays a prominent role in this film is undeniably excellent, but the movie is excessively melodramatic.

A well-settled family man named Mohammed is our main protagonist. He is planning to go for his Hajj and he is making sure that everyone has forgiven him for the past sins. But on the night before his departure, an event happens in his house and a man named Krishnan becomes a point of concern from Mohammed. Who is Krishnan and how Mohammed becomes a savior for him is what Shubharathri showing us.

Vyasan KP wants to show the viewers some moral values. But what is problematic about his approach is that he is trying to make his characters literally speak about what he wants to convey. The way Mohammed is talking in the movie as an epitome of flawless life only makes the movie look flat emotionally. Everything surrounding Mohammed is insanely good and he is beyond anyone’s imagination of a perfect guy. Krishnan appears only in the second half and that clichéd story is almost a tribute to all the year-old clichés. Mohammed may have become a messiah at the end, but any viewer with a basic sense about cinema will guess it miles ahead.

The outdated making is the main reason why this movie never really works emotionally. Things that people mock about some of the older movies in their way of handling melodrama are repeated here. And by the time the film reaches the second half, the saturation of such sequences is unbearable. Subtlety is a quality that is not there in the director’s approach or his writing. The melodrama will make you facepalm frequently. The songs are nice, the frames were good, but the background score was too much.

There is no doubt in the fact that Siddique is a terrific actor. And here also he shows his amazing range by delivering a convincing performance. On paper, the character was so monotonous and flat, yet he added layers to it. Dileep’s role is more like an extended cameo and he was struggling in the emotional parts of his performance. Shanthi Krishna was fine while Anu Sithara was disappointing. Sai Kumar, Nadirshah, Indrans, Nedumudi Venu, etc were there in the star cast and people like Asha Sarath, Aju Varghese, Suraj Venjaramood are there to increase the poster value of the movie.

As I said in the beginning, if your only concern is about the message one movie gives, then Shubharathri is a gem. But Malayalam cinema is an evolved industry that shows movies with a craft. And for anyone who acknowledges that quality of this industry will find it difficult to digest an immature treatment like Shubharathri.


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