Sathya review: a mediocre movie that test your patience

Sathya review: a mediocre movie that test your patience

The movie Sathya directed by Diphan and written by AK Sajan looks like an absolute cliché on its written format and there wasn’t really anything there that made it look like a viable cinema. With technical perfection being bizarre in terms of quality, Sathya is a mediocre movie that test your senses and patience.

Sathya is a Pondicherry based cards player. Due to a particular situation, he goes to another place with his friend to find a girl named Rosy. The movie shows us the journey to find Rosy, what happens after that and what is the reason why Sathya wants Rosy.

The treatment of the film is extremely outdated. The kind of over the top action sequences we have seen in Telugu films gets repeated here. The lack of sensibility such build ups have because of its hero worshipping nature causes major problems to a movie like Sathya which doesn’t have a strong content to its credit. The hero who is in a hurry to save a life has all the time in the world to show off his swagger. The dialogues and its attitude quotient at times make no sense with the situation in the film. The introduction scene of the hero is in this back and forth style where we get to see his heroics in an explanatory way and the repetitiveness of that idea becomes annoying.

Puthiya Mukham marked the entry of Diphan and it also made an impression with the way action was conceived. The problem here is that Diphan can’t make the fights look more innovative or refreshing. The exaggerated script that has all the clichés would have only worked if the content was presented in a good way. But with formulas that have been used gazillion times Sathya only becomes shoddier. Dialogues are too filmy. The cuts were poor and the cinematography also lacks attention to detail. The stunts that used too much of assistance from cranes looks outdated. The music isn’t that great and the background score also fails to impress.

The character of Sathya is very much a peripheral cool character. The charmless writing makes the character look shallow and Jayaram as an actor is struggling to add grace to Sathya. Parvathy Nambiar is kind of okay apart from that one song which was released. Roma wasn’t that impressive. The actor who played the villain performed very poorly. Saju Navodhaya is the unavoidable comedian. Many known faces are there in the movie in pointless roles.

Sathya looks like a hastily made movie that never tries to attempt something to make it look fresh or exciting on screen. The less than 2 hour long movie is so bad that you might not believe that it was less than 2 hours.


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