Sakalakalashala Movie Review: an extremely shoddy one

Sakalakalashala Movie Review: an extremely shoddy one

If you have ever felt that watching a movie is an easy thing when compared to making it, then I would recommend the movie Sakalakalashala to you. Because it is one movie that is mocking at you throughout its narrative for opting to watch it. With mediocrity written all over it, this movie is nothing short of a cinematic crime and a challenge for a viewer.

Akbar aka Akku is a technology genius. And he is like the only hope for his college in the annual tech fest. But when Akku finally presents his discovery in front of the world, he is met with setbacks that almost make him a notorious criminal. The movie Sakalakalashala shows us how Akku manages to prove his innocence.

The movie opens with a scene that pretty much gives us an idea about how bad it is going to be with a series of sick jokes and a hero entry that is only worth facepalm. That is just the beginning of a cringe-worthy movie experience which goes on for more than two hours. It is one movie where you will impatiently wait for an interval and will thankful for the concept of intervals in Indian movies. The recent flood and the role of youngsters are mentioned in the movie at one point and it would have been a great thing if the producers had directly given the money to the affected instead of making this extremely shoddy movie. The second half that finally addresses the conflict hits the pinnacle of mediocre filmmaking.

Niranj is an absolute disappointment with static expressions and limited emotional range. His lowkey dialogue delivery and graceless screen presence isn’t the only thing the movie lacks. Manasa Radhakrishnan gives the much-needed company for Niranj by being equally bad. I felt really bad for Jacob Gregory who deserved much better roles in movies. The comic relief Dharmajan Bolgatty has an additional responsibility here and that offers the viewers some moments of unintended comedy. Hareesh Kanaran, Shammi Thilakan, Nirmal Palazhi, Ramesh Thilak, Tini Tom etc. are there in the movie, but God knows why.

Vinod Guruvayoor has made this movie in an aimless manner. The scenes will make you feel that it was written on the set to utilize the number of cameos they could squeeze in. Songs are tacky and you have such songs in abundance. The first half of the movie is absolute randomness where anything and everything has been stuffed in to make it feel like a movie. The main conflict which happens in the second half looks immature, to be honest, and the execution of it is pathetic. There is a climax stunt featuring Dharmajan and that’s like one gem of an example for unintentional comedy. Departments like cinematography, edits, music etc are pretty much on the disheartening side.

Sakalakalashala is one movie you can recommend to any person whom you hate. And if they come out of it without much mental trauma you should appreciate their tolerance level and forgive them for life. It’s that kind of a movie.


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