S Durga review: a movie that shows the craft of a filmmaker

S Durga review: a movie that shows the craft of a filmmaker

Cinema is a director’s art and Sanal Kumar Sasidharan’s Sexy Durga or as censor board calls it, S Durga is a movie that shows the craft of a film maker. Made without a script, this movie is shedding light on the topic of moral policing and harassment which this society considers as an okay thing up to an extent. With metaphorical elements giving it a statement like feel Sexy Durga aka S Durga is an impressively made film.

Durga and Kabeer are our main protagonists. (It seems like) they are in love and want to run away from here to some other place to live happily. So they are desperate to get to the railway station and the only vehicle aid they got wasn’t a comfortable ride. Because of the misogyny in the attitude, this journey towards Railway station becomes a torture and the movie shows us that horrendous experience of the couple.

The statement here is pretty much visible and it is something even the mainstream cinema has been repeating. But it is the way they have used a constrained film making environment to a good extent to convincingly depict the horror of the situation that would excite the wannabe film maker or enthusiast in you.  The rigged camera is floating away from the car in to the spooky streets and silent street lights giving us an idea of the scary situation. The metaphorical interconnection also adds another perspective to the content.

Sanal Kumar Sasidharan is showing you two Durgas here. One is the goddess and the other is the lady. Both are in a way respected by the men around her and they don’t acknowledge the fact that they are harassing her. Sanal offers a space for interpretations here and that’s an interesting thing. To those protestors who were making a big deal about the name, Durga is definitely not a problem here, but I found the adjective sexy a bit too unnecessary.  Prathap Joseph’s cinematography is a fabulous one and the single shots does increase the impact.

In a highly dark setup like this, it is really hard to appreciate actors as we are not seeing their faces. The movie is shot without a script so whatever you see is an improvised version by the actors and for that they need appreciation for giving that authenticity. Rajashri Deshpande and Kannan Nair are the ones who play the role of Durga and Kabeer. Vedh, Sujeesh, Arun Sol and Bilas Nair play the roles of the strangers.

When compared to Sanal’s first film Oraalpokkam, the unnecessary desperate art house nature is not there in sexy Durga. But I would still say Ozhivudivasathe Kali is this film maker’s best movie.


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