Oru Mexican Aparatha Review

Oru Mexican Aparatha Movie Review

By focusing on the necessity of left voice and criticising the flawed strategies of the current left organizations, Oru Mexican Aparatha sort of succeeds in being a politically unbiased cinema. With typical entertainer elements blended in to the content, Tom Emmatty's debut venture is a watchable movie.

Paul Varghese is the central protagonist of the film. He is aimless and his political affiliation isn't based on strong ideologies. The main reason why he is in the left wing is because of his close friend Subash who wishes to begin a left movement in the campus. The movie focuses on the incident that changes the perspective of Paul Varghese about politics and how it all leads to the victory of his side.

Oru Mexican Aparatha is basically an entertainer film. Expecting a layered crafted political thriller/drama like Left Right Left is a bit too much. A typical campus life with messy hostels, aimless talks and flirting is there in the first half of the film. The fun this part offers keeps you occupied. The discrete burst of communist thoughts also works in favour of the film. The second half has both fun and political conflict. In the political conflict part, they have managed to tease the strategies of the modern day left parties. And that sort of gives a diplomatic touch to the movie.

Tovino Thomas looks tough to be the mature youngster. Apart from the occasional dialogue delivery flaws he was good in being Paul. Neeraj Madhav delivers a good performance on screen as Subash. Roopesh Peethambaran was also good. Gayatri wasn't overacting. Rest of the cast including names like Kalabhavan Shajon, Sudhy Koppa, Sudheer Karamana, Manu and many others delivered a good on screen performance.

The making style of Tom Emmatty doesn't have much of uniqueness to its credit. Following the modern day habit, he tries to add realistic treatment in depicting scenes. The Screenplay isn't that deep or indulging. But sporadically it imparts ideological thrills and funny moments. The music and background score were good. The cinematography was effective.

Overall Oru Mexican Aparatha won't be a disappointment if you are not expecting a Goosebumps giving political thriller. It has fun and thrill to engage you, but it won't excite you. 


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