Ramante Edanthottam review: a delightful experience

Ramante Edanthottam review: a delightful experience

The partial lecturing nature is there for Ranjith Sankar’s new movie, Ramante Edanthottam. But the relevance if the theme of this film in the modern day scenario where miscommunication and compromises are causing a lot of issues in family life, makes Ramante Edanthottam a good movie with an appealing content.

A housewife Malini who is married to failed film producer Elvis is our leading lady. The equation between the two wasn’t that great and the attitude of Elvis had a lot to do with that. This film is showing us the life of this couple and how a resort owner Raman provides a solution in this relationship issue.

The viewer’s approach towards the concept of arranged marriage has a lot to do with the effective communication of this movie. It’s actually an argument between Elvis and Malini. While Elvis is the orthodox one, Malini represents the self-respecting female. The usual compromising mentality we see in marriage issues gets the treatment here. The verbal explanations and the visual representation of the problem are there. Because of its confined agenda, the film isn’t entirely an overwhelming experience.  But Ranjith Sankar invites us to a lot of conversations which sort of conveys that progressive step.

Ramante Edanthottam is definitely a movie with a real importance to its female protagonist. Even though its title gives importance to the male lead, Anu Sithara’s Malini is the driving force here. The actress was already there in the limelight when the promos came because of her graceful look that reminded us of Kavya Madhavan. Her acting chops are also really good. The character of Raman demanded more of a charm to be that calm and healing person and Kunchacko Boban has got that. Joju George delivers a really commendable performance as Elvis. Sreejith Ravi and Muthumani did justice to their characters. Ramesh Pisharody takes care of the humor and Aju Varghese was fine in his cameo like appearance.

Ranjith Sankar moves away from his usual social commitment preach this time. He only puts it in the backdrop as the hero’s life goals or passion. The main focus here is about the dilemmas and compromises one make in a marriage. He gives importance to the self-respect factor and that gives a positive feel to the politics of this movie. The predictability about the story is there for sure as we can easily guess what will be the role of Raman in Malini’s story. But it is the ideologies that pop in inside their conversations that matters and this movie succeeds in that. Madhu Neelakantan has done a good job behind the camera. Bijibal’s songs were beautiful. Silences would have been a nice choice in some sequences.

The progressive approach towards its main issue is the best thing about Ramante Edanthottam even though it has glitches of melodrama. With sensible conversations, relatable problems and natural humor Ramante Edanthottam is a good experience.


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