Ramaleela Review: a tad better than recent Dileep movies

Ramaleela Review: a tad better than recent Dileep movies

There are a lot of dialogues and situations in the film Ramaleela that will make you wonder how this much of coincidence can happen in a script. The on screen and off screen resemblance in terms of character conflicts cannot be criticized for sure as the movie was made much before any of the controversy. Ramaleela is the story of a politician Ramanunni who tries to prove his innocence in a very unique way. It’s a movie that starts off interestingly and then steps into a phase that is hard to digest.

Ramanunni is the son of a couple who believed in left ideologies. Ramanunni also followed those values. But at one point he decides to change sides and went with the right wing. When Ramanunni became the right wing candidate for by election, it discomforted people from both ends. The disturbance leads to a situation that traps Ramanunni in a legal mess and the film Ramaleela shows us how Ramanunni solves this issue.

Ramaleela is definitely a tad better than the kind of comedy movies Dileep has been doing. It is somewhere in the zone of Dileep’s own political drama Lion. The script from Sachy builds intrigue neatly in the first half. It is that typical mixture of tactics and fun in the first half and the possibility was there for the film. But it decides to take a turn that looks a bit weird. Ramanunni opts for a Big Boss kind of setup to justify his innocence. That imagination needed some great craft to have a convincing outlook and I don’t think Arun Gopy has achieved that. And the climax that has a cleverly planned execution was a little too over the top.

Dileep gets a role with grace and charm here and it is character that doesn’t really demand his signature comedy. Within the constraints of the character, Dileep carries Ramanunni neatly. Kalabhavan Shajon was good as the funny friend of the hero. Prayaga Rose Martin doesn’t have much of a space to perform and so was the case with Radhika Sarathkumar. Mukesh and Siddique were those veterans who made a good impression on screen with good performances. 

Arun Gopy follows the old school style of film making with nuances of the realistic style. The script has that dramatic tone which we have seen in films like Lion. Sachy sets up the plot interestingly. But the Big Boss show in the second half was a major low point in my view. A lack of conviction was evident and the climax revelation of events where a bit too hard to digest. The weaknesses of the script in those areas were not comprehensively covered by the director. Good cinematography and average music are the contributions from the technical side and the background score will remind you of Left right left.

The solution to the conflict is the issue with Ramaleela. It was essential for the makers to go for a unique path to solve it, but the uniqueness they eventually created was something that was too hard to convince.


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