Prakashante Metro Review: a forgettable experience

Prakashante Metro Review: a forgettable experience

Prakashante Metro grabbed everyone's attention recently when it was revealed that it was directed by a female director and the stills of she herself putting up the posters also had a positive impact. But the sad part here is that the movie is made in a terrible way. They are stretching a wafer-thin plot to an unbearable level and to be honest I still can't believe that it was just 109 minutes in terms of duration.

So as the name suggests, Prakashan and his metro (his auto rickshaw) are the central characters here.  One day a girl took his auto to go to Kochi.  But the girl had no specific location to go to and she didn't even really know much about the person whom she was going to meet.  So eventually Prakashan becomes that guide to this girl and their journey to find the man is what this movie all about.

At one point they see an old baba who starts to say profound stuff like the mysterious man is a sultan who gives happiness, what’s there in a name etc and just when I was thinking "hey this seems familiar", the bunch of boys who sat behind me screamed Charlie!!! Yes, that’s what Prakashante Metro is actually.  When you get inspired by the positivity something like a Charlie gives and you try to write a script but unfortunately nothing with a sense of conviction comes to your mind and you end up making a terrible movie with weird mood swings.  It is trying to explore ideas like doing good to others, being selfless, etc, but when your script is so lackluster, those thoughts won't be there in the minds of the audience.

Dinesh Prabhakar is convincing as the lazy and opportunist Prakashan who eventually evolves and becomes a better human being. The only appreciable positive of this shabby movie was the fact that he wasn't overdoing things to make Prakashan funny. Anakha Janaki who played the role of Kalthamara is mostly in that weeping zone.  God knows the importance of characters played by people like Nobi, Saju Navodaya, etc. Anjana Appukkuttan is the other major actor in the cast and the character she plays doesn’t really add anything to the feel of the film.

The fundamental problem with Prakashante Metro is the absence of a story with clarity and also a script with structure.  The kind of randomness in the writing is so annoying.  You can't even predict when will they tweak a scene and make it funny.  Director Haseena Suneer is just using the clichéd tools at every juncture to make the experience even more ludicrous. In the second half, the movie just goes on and on making it difficult for the characters and the audience.  The shocking twist in the climax is an easily guessable one for anyone who has seen at least 10 movies in their lives. Technically the movie is on the compromised side with visible tackiness in cinematography and editing. And the production that has no regard for continuity makes it even more mediocre.

Prakashante Metro is a tiring experience even after being a movie that's less than two hours long. It doesn't really have a vision in the first place and the way they have tried to stretch the one-liner into a movie rather than adding layers to it makes it a forgettable experience.


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