Panchavarnathatha review - It will keep you occupied

Panchavarna thatha review

There is an emphasis on positivity and light heartedness in every single talk we hear from stand up comedian turned director Ramesh Pisharody. The movie Panchavrnathatha which marks his debut as a film maker is highly dependent on such philosophies rather than a cinematic uniqueness. With a simple message driven audience catering story, Pisharody manages to engage the audience into a thought and for that reason this movie is indeed watchable.
A pet shop owner is the main character who lives with his animals in the middle of a colony. The colony members are not so comfortable with his existence among them and they have asked for the help of local MLA Kalesh to get rid of him. But interestingly a particular scenario happens where Kalesh is forced to shift the pet shop guy and his animals to his own house. What lead to that situation and how it eventually influences Kalesh’s life is the story of Panchavarnathatha.
It’s not a movie with a director’s signature or an example on how to conceive a sequence or set a frame. Ramesh Pisharody is focusing more on his strong points like delivering the positivity through witty satiric moments. The humor makes the whole movie a non boring experience. And the best part is that the role given to Jayaram as the pet shop owner is almost a new life line to the struggling career of the veteran actor. 
The script written by Hari P Nair and Ramesh Pisharody is trying too much at times. The efforts to be a social satire at times makes way for subplots that add nothing to the movie’s plot. What Jayaram’s character says on a serious manner is what the idea this movie wants to convey and the light feel of the movie works favorably in injecting that thought into the minds of the audience. The music and background score of the film was good. 
The character offered to Jayaram might well be a good chance for the actor to reinvent himself and experiment with a new range of characters. He was thoroughly into the character with no resemblance with any of the character he has done in the past. Kunchako Boban and Anusree chip in with their usual style performances. Dharmajan as usual was hilarious. Ashokan, Salim Kumar, Mallika Sukumaran,  Maniyanpilla Raju, Prem Kumar and a few more are there in the elaborate cast.

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Panchavarnathatha is a usual festival entertainer with fun and preach. It might not be that movie which stays with you for a long time, but it has its small moments of happiness to keep us occupied. I won’t say this is Jayaram’s comeback movie. This movie asks him to explore his possibilities.



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