Overtake Malayalam movie review

Overtake Malayalam movie review

1971 movie Duel was a classic. Because that television movie marked the beginning of a legendary film make whom we all now know as Steven Spielberg. He made that film on a constrained budget and schedule with limited technical advancement. And today a new director from Malayalam makes a rip off of that same movie diluted in the tackiest way making anyone who has seen duel angry as hell. The film is an absurd and occasionally unintentional comedy.

Bangalore Malayali Nandan is trying to move to Kerala after handing over his business to his friend. So the return journey was planned as a road trip with his wife and daughter. While going to pick their daughter from boarding school, Nandan and wife got followed by a deadly truck and the journey became a horrific one for them. How they survived it is what this movie talking about.

The mediocrity in the execution of each scene is very evident. The desperation to convey a story or message is the reason why John has added these back stories to a plot that is an exact copy of Duel. The sad part is that John seems to have no idea about how the lack of backdrop to characters helped Duel. By adding too many dialogues and silly dramas, this film is competing for being the worst of its kind. While the situation of the hero bothered you in Duel, Overtake in its entirety is a botheration for its viewer.

When you take a story from classic movies, you should either make it with complete conviction and quality or you should reinterpret it in your own way. Here both that isn’t happening. John and his writers have just added a cheesy predictable story to the skeleton named Duel. The lack of novelty is such that they even used the same truck in Duel which was referred as an Old Truck in 1971. We have killer machines like beasty trucks in our country and still, they didn’t have the creative instinct to go for that. The cinematographer has attached camera at the rims of wheels and the editing of the film is chaotic. The quality of visual effects is laughable.

The movie is testing Vijay Babu only in terms of physical strain. Parvathi, on the other hand, is really disappointing. The other characters in this movie have very less screen time and they include names like Ajay Nataraj, Krishna, Anjali Nair, Deepak Parambol and a few more.

If unintentional comedy is something that you like while watching a film, Overtake is an entire two hours of that. If you are looking for quality cinema, this is not the one you are searching for and for those of you have seen Duel, brace yourselves for impact.


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