Oru Visheshapetta BiriyaniKissa Review: It’s not that tasty

Oru Visheshapetta BiriyaniKissa Review: It’s not that tasty

Oru Visheshapetta BiriyaniKissa looked like a really promising cinema in its promos and to be honest the initial portions of the movie would give you a hope that it would work. A story that focuses on the events that happen in a village named Velappan Chavadi gets fizzled away in to underwhelming quality. With only performances having fineness Oru Visheshapetta BiriyaniKissa could have been better.

A Mosque in Velappan Chavadi is famous for making Biriyani at every Sunday and giving it to people. The cook Rajan who used to make the Biriyani passed away one day and the villagers were clueless about what to do next. At that time, a widow named Thara willingly takes the responsibility to make Biriyani and the film shows us what all things happen after that.

It’s a partially fantasy film with quirky angels being a part of the story. The angels and the introduction of the village and characters in it give us a hope that this would be a quality film. But once the film starts to explore each character, there is a lack of connect between each subplot in the screenplay. They don’t really culminate in to something that is part of the whole picture. There is a big subplot involving the character played by Joju George and at the end of the movie you would find that whole part irrelevant. We all can guess the climax from the beginning portions itself, but Kiran Narayanan should have packaged it more engagingly.

Lena is playing the role of Thara in the film and interestingly she has very minimal dialogues and a single costume. Veterans like Nedumudi Venu, Sreeraman, Mamukkoya and Sunil Sukhada have got important roles in this film and they all were fine. Vinod Kovoor, Seenath, Surabhi Lakshmi, Nobi, Bhagath Manuel and Joju George are some of the big names in the very elaborate cast of this film. Aju Varghese, Vinay Forrt, Lal and Bhavana appear in guest roles in this movie.

Kiran Narayanan has tried to include basic human emotions and conflicts in to the narrative of Oru Visheshapetta BiriyaniKissa. Instead of placing these politics subtly into the film, he creates isolated subplots for that purpose and the same tactic is used whenever some commercial ingredient was missing from the narrative. Desperation for being funny causes issues. Cinematography and the background score were decent. The music was terrible.

Oru Visheshapetta BiriyaniKissa had the potential to make it big and it becoming an underwhelming cinema at the end is quite a disheartening scene. It is just two hours long, so it won’t really annoy you.


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