Oru Adaar Love Review: content scarcity at its best

Oru Adaar Love Review: content scarcity at its best

Some movies try to hide their inability to have some content by embedding sad realities at its very end. The pseudo-intellectual thought that tragedy is profound is applied in the latest Omar Lulu movie Oru Adaar Love. The movie that hardly has a sensible script is a pile of annoying sequences that can be used as comedy bits in channels like Surya Comedy. As a movie with any sort of sensibility, Oru Adaar Love is an absolute dud.

Priya, Roshan, and Gadha are classmates in the science batch of Don Bosco school. Priya and Roshan are in a relationship and Gadha is a close friend of Roshan. As the story (if you can call it that) progresses the relationship goes through various difficulties and the movie shows us the fate of this relationship and Gadha’s role in it.

Oru Adaar Love is almost like a film that got developed on set. The broad stroke scene order like script is used here with same old rotten jokes and misogynistic one-liners being spoken by sexually frustrated heroes of Omar Lulu. The delay in the filming was due to the change in the script after Priya Varrier and Roshan rose to fame because of the wink video. And you can clearly see that they have made this without a proper script as episode like scenes are happening one after the other. The movie doesn’t even have a proper conflict and when the interval arrived people where mostly like what are they planning to tell us. Even the one possible conflict was converted into a mere comedy track.

Roshan is okay as the always smiling Roshan. But Priya Varrier is an utter disappointment in terms of acting and dialogue delivery. Noorin Sheriff who plays the next big character in the film luckily has some grace to make the movie look good in some areas. The rest of the cast that has numerous newcomers and familiar faces is pretty much forgettable. Omar Lulu has tried to include veterans like Siddique and Salim Kumar in pointless roles.

Omar Lulu has always said in his interviews that his idea of movie making is creating entertainers and all his “entertainers” are a festival of sexual frustration. Here also we have an educational institution at the center of everything. Most people have the pervert angle and the women in this universe have no self-value and they easily fall for these characters. There is one zoology teacher for the male gaze. And almost all the senior teachers in the school are buffoons. The script is scattered bits of comedy programs and the quality is tackier than tacky short films. Shaan Rahman sort of repeats his own old songs and the quality of the lyrics is totally forgettable. Sinu Sidharth as a cinematographer has tried to give some visual aesthetics to this movie that doesn’t care about aesthetics. The fishermen appreciation and Kalabhavan Mani tribute are appreciable, but anyone with a minimum common sense can understand that it was included because of content scarcity.

Oru Adaar Love is pretty much mocking its viewers by saying that they will film random comedy pieces and join it and call it a film and you will pay your hard earned money and make a fool out of yourself. The viral wink gave the film a huge platform and they just bombed it with mediocrity. 


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