Ormayil Oru Shishiram Review: film with a relatable aspect

Ormayil Oru Shishiram Review: film with a relatable aspect

There is one father-son dynamic in the new Malayalam movie Ormayil Oru Shishiram directed by Vivek Aryan. That aspect of this film was actually a relatable and sensible take on a practical scenario. But what’s difficult to digest here is the love story that gets the major focus. The writing of the love story is extremely silly and cheesy. And because of that, this movie that pretty much follows the line of a Vinnaithaandi Varuvaaya fails to create an emotional impact on the viewer.

Nithin is our hero and he is all set to make his directorial debut in Malayalam cinema. During the post-production phase of his first film, certain things happen and our hero takes a trip down the memory lane and remembers his first love during the plus-two days. Ormayil Oru Shishiram is simply an exploration of that love story of Nithin.

The entire introduction scene of Narasimham is shown at the beginning of the movie. Towards the middle we see our hero and friends doing a Rajamanikyam swagger. There is a campus song that sticks out and there is a lot of cringe-worthy characterizations in that episode. The problem is that all these tacky additions in the screenplay are happening in the most crucial phase of the film. When the movie ends with a voice-over that says there are so many unspoken silent romances in the world, we will accept that statement, but won’t feel like applying that sentiment on the movie. The emotional track between Nithin and his father had a better scope, but the writers were more interested in showing this movie as a romantic film rather than the evolution of our hero.

Deepak Parambol’s acting is fine as the main character Nithin. What is particularly appreciable is his effort to shed weight and look like a believable 17-year-old. Anashwara Ponnambath was also convincing as Varsha the female lead. Both these actors managed to reduce the kind of melodramatic cheesiness in the script for their characters. Eldho Mathew who was last seen in Queen gets a prominent role here. Maala Parvathy, Alencier, Ashokan, Sudheer Karamana, Basil Joseph, etc are the other major actors in the cast here.

The initial bit of waywardness and its extension is the major demerit of Ormayil Oru Shishiram. The characters in this movie are not at all subtle. The loud tone takes away the emotion and even our heroine is excessively poetic in her communication. There is a crowded feel to the plus two life shown in this movie as it doesn’t focus on building a sensible innocent love story. A movie like Vinnathandi Varuvaya invested in the main characters make us feel for them in the end. Here they are trying to achieve the same without taking an effort to build understandable chemistry between the two. The frames were good. What is the best thing about this movie is the music and score by Joseph fame Ranjin Raj.

Ormayil Oru Shishiram is a movie that has a climax which needed a good build-up and back story. The makers of this movie are very clear about what they want to achieve in the end. But at the beginning of the movie and for almost 3/4th of its whole runtime, they are absolutely clueless on how to build the story.


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