Ore Mukham Review; Victim of Old School Making

Ore Mukham Review; Victim of Old School Making

Ore Mukham is a revenge drama whose major portions are set in the 80’s. But with treatment having the same reluctance to evolve from the 80’s style of depicting sentiments and emotions gives trouble to the movie and ultimately Ore Mukham becomes a dull thriller with very less elements to excite you.

The murder of a man named Aravindan triggers an investigation. The investigative team happens to know that the last call made to Aravindan’s phone was from an old college friend Zachariah Pothen who went missing during the college days after allegedly being committed two homicides. The movie Ore Mukham tracks two investigations that dig in to the past of Mr. Pothen.

Heroine hating the hero for being rude and then falling in love with him when she realizes that he is actually a kind hearted selfless person who will do anything for friends; this is the kind cliché scenario we have seen in the movies made in the 80’s. Even with treatment, Sajith Jagadnandan can’t recreate such a scene in a more sensible and realistic way. The same old school melodrama and cheesiness sticks out in every scene of the movie and you get a feeling of watching those old films. We have seen film makers adapting the old movie backdrop to create humorous back stories in films like Ohm Shanti Oshaana, Usthad Hotel and even the latest Kattappanayile Rithwik Roshan. But here the theme isn’t mere fun and it demanded more realness.

The sequence where Pothen spoils the good dream of Das is perhaps the only scene you would find as engaging in the whole film. Because of the theatricality you see in every scene, the film never really invites you to a compelling thriller zone. From the first scene to the last scene, the dialogues written are way too stiff and it is not just the 80’s character, even the ones in the present day is speaking like a drama character. The screenplay tries to do a back and forth narration using the two investigations we see in the film. But that too can’t create an intrigue to the narrative structure. Cinematography was okay. Music is like a tribute to the 80’s music and the background score is quite typical.

Identifying Dhyan Sreenivasan as Zachariah Pothen is a hard task. Zachariah Pothen is this man with a tough outlook and goodness inside his heart. But when Dhyan portrays the character on screen, you don’t really feel a genuine roughness. Aju Varghese as Das was pretty convincing and his usual style offers some light moments of fun. Prayaga looks stunning and delivers a fair enough performance on screen. The movie has a long and elaborate cast including names like Arjun Nandhakumar , Deepak Parambol, Gayathri Suresh, Chemban Vinod, Maniyanpilla Raju, Renji Panicker, Jewel Mary, Hareesh Perady, Devi Ajith and lots more.

When you see that climax of the film which shows us the friendship element in the theme, you might feel that Ore Mukham had the scope to be a better thriller. But unfortunately for us, the 80’s drama got the 80’s treatment and thus became a poorly crafted thriller.


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