Nonsense review: the movie has justified its title

Nonsense review: the movie has justified its title

Being sensible is not at all the strength of the movie Nonsense directed by MC Jithin. With ridiculous character behaviors along with aimless scripting stretching a weak script to a thin film, Nonsense has justified it's title. A movie promoted as a BMX film hardly has any BMX to it's credit.

A BMX enthusiast named Arun is our hero. He is a practical learner and is not good with the usual schooling pattern. The odd character always lands in trouble and gets titled as a nonsense by his teachers. How that image changes over the course of an event is the story of Nonsense.

If you feel agitated by the second half of the movie where it is exaggerating too much of things, you aren't alone. Most of the people along with whom I saw the movie was also feeling the same way. The first and foremost thing is how irrelevant BMX is to the movie. Basically Nonsense is a severely underdeveloped script about a student proving his teacher wrong by doing something great. The movie fails miserably in building something out of this basic story. The entire second half of the movie is built to glorify the hero as this epitome of kindness and humanity. But the ideas are so primitive that you won't feel if someone howls at the movie.

Rinosh George's Arun is giving a tough competition to Chinnu of Queen in being a cringe worthy goodness package. What they have tried to show as the innocence of the character feels like utter stupidity. Vinay Forrt is wasted as the Auto driver. Shruti Ramachandran was fine as the teacher. Arun's school mate was also a good performer.

The writing of MC Jithin is really disappointing. After a few humor bits in the first half an hour the movie really starts to show that it doesn't have much to impress you. The deterioration in quality is pretty fast and harsh. The predictable nature becomes even more frustrating when the movie tires to show those cliched moments as a great cinematic moment. The social preach angle is extremely plastic and sticks out. Including the romance there are a lot of story points that makes no sense. It was sad to see talents like Appu Bhattathiri and Alex J Pulikkal getting wasted in a dumb story. Even the impressive background by Vishnu Shyam gets placed very badly.

Nonsense is a great example of how a movie can become trashy even after having solid technical support if the script is pathetic. The movie should have been a short film and the decision to make it a feature film was a big mistake.


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