My Story review - lacks depth and reasoning

My Story Malayalam movie review

My Story is a love story set in the backdrop of Portugal and it's about the relationship between an actor and actress. The movie directed by debutant Roshni Dinaker and written by Shankar Ramakrishnan is so thin in its content that beyond the visual lushness of exotic locations, there is hardly anything there in the movie to move you emotionally.

So in the mid 90’s a struggling actor name Jaykrishnan aka Jay gets an opportunity to be the hero opposite to a big actress Tara. Now Jay is a veteran actor with 20 years of experience and something that happened during the making of the first film still bothers him. The movie explores the events that happen on that journey.

The lack of conviction one can feel in the making of this movie is the major problem. Prithviraj with that fake looking wig is a disturbing sight to tolerate. The movie Roshni has made has a lot of Bollywood influences. It is really difficult to call them as inspirations as that Tamasha like bits created in the movie is far away from being fluent. The lack of charm reduces the movie’s impact and overall the originality gets questioned. The vibe between the lead pair definitely helps the movie in being alive even when it explores a familiar thin storyline without many layers.

Foundation of a story is always the key and here it is the mid 90’s part where the romantic equation between Jay and Tara unfolds. The problem is that the lack of layers and reasons or even the predictable nature of that part doesn’t help you in rooting for that relationship. When you cant root for the most important part of the story, no matter how intense the present day scenario look, it is hard to appreciate. Cinematographer captures the visual beauty of landscapes. Editing goes haywire in the first half and only settles down in the second half. The placing of the good tracks from Shaan Rahman was a bit problematic.

Prithviraj had grip in the portrayal of the mature Jay who has the life experience. But as the younger version, he fumbles to look convincing on screen. Parvathy, on the other hand, manages to pull off the dual character offered to her very convincingly. She delivers her line with confidence and even the clingiest of lines were delivered in a better way by her. Ganesh Venkataraman, Manoj K Jayan, Nandhu etc are the other major actors and there is hardly anything there in the film for them to create an impression.

My Story lacks depth and reasoning. It feels like a one-liner that got stuffed by glossy Bollywood ideas that even Bollywood has stopped using. For those who reach out for a box of tissue seeing movies like Aashiqui 2 or Half Girlfriend, this might suit your taste.


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