My Great Grandfather Review: a sloppy comedy drama

My Great Grandfather Review: a sloppy comedy drama

It is really a sad thing to see an actor like Jayaram having no plans to evolve according to the times. His new movie My Great Grandfather with director Aneesh Anwar is a poorly written sloppy comedy that just tries to repeat the humor bits that we have seen a zillion times. The only relief one can have here is the fact that it ended in a less annoying way considering how pathetic the opening sequences were.

Michael and Sivan are best friends. But the forces who try to break communal harmony plants the seeds of rivalry in their relationship and Sivan left Michael’s company and he now wants to destroy him. In the midst of this when Michael was all set to marry a girl, a new girl named Sharon comes to Michael’s home along with her kid claiming that Michael is her father. The cover-up process of this mess is what we are seeing in My Great Grandfather.

It may seem like a fresh concept when you have a De De Pyaar De scenario in Malayalam cinema. But ultimately this movie is the same old cliché of the hero getting accused of something he has not done. The first half is trying to show the relationship between Sivan and Michael and trust it is the worst kind of comedy to sit through. In the second half, we are seeing Michael doing everything possible to hide this new revelation in his life. But the problem is that when the real truth of the fact is unraveled, we become clueless why he was acting like a stupid all this long.

Jayaram is simply repeating his tools in the acting arsenal and apart from the ongoing beard look, there is nothing here that can be considered as updated. Baburaj is also on that typical rough side with nothing special about his character. Surabhi Santhosh was okay while Divya Pillai gets a forgettable role as the female lead. Dharmajan provides the much needed comic relief. Vijaya Raghavan, Mallika Sukumaran, Ramesh Pisharody, Salim Kumar, Sunil Sukhada etc.are the other wasted talents of this movie along with a cameo from muscle man Unni Mukundan.

It is so heartbreaking to see a director like Aneesh Anwar who promised a lot with his first film making shoddier films. Shani Khader’s cringe-worthy comedy and broad stroke writing make a mess of this movie. You can literally sense them adding ridiculous comedy scenes, just to lengthen the movie. There is a point where the twist in the plot gets revealed and the people started leaving the theater knowing that nothing surprising will happen after that. The cinematography and edits were disappointing, especially in those action sequences. Music was also on the downside.

I kind of feared whether this movie will become a soul sequel to Ulsaha Committee. But the good news is that it is not that worse. A comparison with Achayans will be more sensible in terms of the mediocrity it shares.


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