LavaKusha Review: a non-boring film that will make you laugh

LavaKusha Review: a non-boring film that will make you laugh

The idea of LavaKusha is pretty wafer thin. But you still will find it as a passable movie because of the humor it instills in each scene. Written by Neeraj Madhav and directed by Gireesh Mano, LavaKusha depends highly on the performance and wit that comes naturally rather than a coherent pleasing content.

Two jobless youngsters are our title protagonists. After having lived a miserable life in Chennai, they decided to shift to Kerala. The journey from Chennai to Kerala was a surprisingly eventful one. Post that, they got a chance to work alongside a police officer and the movie shows us how ultimately these two manages to complete the mission assigned to them.

The spoofing of scenes is the reason why we tend to root for the film here. They have added an element of spoofing clichés in most of the scenes which make us forget about the fragility of the content. The frequency of this kind of humor is high in LavaKusha. You almost forget the fact that there was a Chennai episode in the movie by the time it reaches the climax. That’s the demerit of the film. The exhausting length and the added comedy in the first half aren’t helping the film.

Neeraj Madhav and Aju Varghese share an onscreen chemistry which makes the comedy in the movie an enjoyable one. It is that over the top kind of comedy and the combination of Neeraj and Aju manages to crack the frequency. Biju Menon is easily the best choice to play the role of the cop as he is really comfortable in being serious and comical. Deepti Sati once again struggles with dubbing. Major Ravi and Vijay Babu are the other prominent names in the film who were also fine in their roles.

Nee Ko Njaa Cha fame Gireesh Mano tries to keep the entire film on the humor zone. That kind of making was required for a movie like this which wanted to capitalize on the nonsensical fun side. Neeraj Madhav has managed to add wit in to his writing. But he should have made the script a little tidier. The past of the characters, the numerous things that happen on the train etc. might look funny instantly but at the end most of them were pointless. But like I said, the humor in each scene keeps us occupied with the film. The visuals and edits were nice. Background score was in sync with the movie’s nature and the music was also fine.

LavaKusha is a non-boring fun film which manages to make you laugh for the time you are inside the theater. The content of the film isn’t particularly appealing as we can predict a lot of stuff easily.


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