Ladoo Review: a no harm non-boring entertainer

Ladoo Review: a no harm non-boring entertainerIn every promotional bit of Ladoo, the makers were emphasizing on the fact that it is just an entertainer. Well looking at the way the movie has shaped out, it could have been a peculiar looking comedy that got constrained and became a very typical comedy entertainer that is just watchable as the duration is just two hours.
SK and Rahul are wannabe womanizers who have been trying to impress their neighbor girl for some time. One day SK meets his college mate Vinu who says that he is in love with a girl and he has to marry her the day after. The clueless Vinu seeks help from SK to get it done and the movie Ladoo is about the adventures of this gang to make that marriage happen.
Arungeorge K David who previously co-wrote Masala Republic yet again goes for a slightly experimental movie that utilizes the possibilities of quirky humor. The sort of eccentric tone Ladoo has demanded it to stay honest to the genre it was trying to explore. But post interval that genre classification gets destroyed and the movie slips into phases were melodrama and emotional reactions start to play and the movie sort of lingers on elements that it should have skipped through. The back and forth nature of the treatment where it tries to be quirky at one moment and serious in the next scene confuses us as an audience on where to place our expectations.
Shabareesh Varma has a flow in performance. The blabbering SK was enjoyable in the first half but became a sort of annoyance in the second half. Balu Varghese managed to keep the tension of his character in a practical zone. The innocent Vinu was safe in the hands of Vinay Forrt. New face Gayathri Ashok was okay in her largely monotonous character. Bobby Simha wasn’t utilized fully. Dileesh Pothan is slowly becoming a really dependable actor and here also he manages to land his character very smoothly.
Arungeorge K David has definitely some idea about how the theme should be treated. But there are major compromises too. The interval Omni chase and the first song in the movie are noticeable sore thumbs of the screenplay. Sagar Sathyan’s efforts to merge realistic emotions with the basic comical tone of Ladoo don’t work. The politics and presentation of scenes individually were good. But in totality, there is an evident mismatch. If you have one scene that shows the sacrificial nature of the character played by Dileesh Pothan, the next scene would have some an irrelevant lousy comedy about Vinu’s legacy. Technical aspects of the movie are fine. Rajesh Murugesan’s contribution to the movie is mainly as a background scorer whereas the songs in the movie aren’t that great.
For its runtime of 121 minutes, Ladoo is a no harm, nonboring entertainer that you can sit through. It has its share of flaws which makes it that could have been better cinema. Watch, laugh and forget should be the best way to describe the experience of watching Ladoo.