Kuttikalundu Sookshikkuka Review; a Mockery of Patriotism

Kuttikalundu Sookshikkuka Review; a Mockery of Patriotism

Not all ideas deserve to be a film. Some will sound super cool at one point but if you have some concern about sensibility of a subject, those topics would be idiotic. Kuttikalundu Sookshikkuka from Kalavoor Ravikumar is a shabby take on patriotism and the plot of the movie is so lame that you ultimately end up laughing at the patriotic sentiments the director creates on screen.

Niranjan and Neeraj are two young smart kids who lost their father in the Mumbai terror attack. He was a commando and his demise was a strong blow to the family. During that time of sadness, these two kids happen to see the main terrorist who was behind all those attacks in a tourist spot and they decided to take him down and punish him by themselves instead of calling the police. Where that decision leads them is what Kuttikalundu Sookshikkuka narrating.

Clearly the plot sounds like an utter nonsense. Cinema is occasionally about over the top situations that may not happen in real life. But you should at least convince the viewer on the possibility of it happening. Here the director is ridiculing a terrorist who is wanted by the top intelligence and defense agencies of a country. Chloroform to make him unconscious, then two little kids putting him in sack and managing to bring him to their home in a bus sounds way too stupid to be honest. And while you as a viewer feel like laughing at all this and what follows, the film is quite serious about its plot.

The lost mother, friendship etc. were always the tools Kalavoor Ravikumar used for his stories. It was always on the extreme dramatic level (Remember the back-story of Suhasini in Nammal?). Here also melodrama is quite excessive and boring. It is almost like watching a stage drama and the occasional desperate cool jokes are dull. Vinayan made War and Love long back and Marthandan made Acha Din in the recent past. Kalavoor Ravikumar mixed the sentiments and intelligence of both these films to create an equally disastrous drama. Cinematography is okay. The music is unimpressive and the background score is too much.

Sidharth Ajith and Sanoop Santhosh succeed in being that caricature like buddy brothers the director visualized. Anoop Menon has a typical style in being cool and that works fine for this film. Bhavana can’t really handle the extremely theatrical dialogues. A talented actress like Anumol has got a nothing character. Makarand Deshpande is funny in my opinion (that wasn’t the purpose). 

Kuttikalundu Sookshikkuka is definitely there among the worst five of the year. Patriotism getting reduced to flag and military is a sad scenario and film makers making such tacky films to covey it is even sadder. If you watch this movie with your friends, you might have a good time laughing at the movie.


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