Kunju Daivam Review - a tale with an intention, heart and clarity

Kunju Daivam Review

Adish Praveen won the best child actor award for Kunju Daivam in 2016 and that was the main highlight of the film. The content of Kunju Daivam is definitely preachy and message oriented. But the makers have managed to reduce the typical nature and cheesiness from the narrative. Thus the subtlety that comes along with the narrative makes it an interesting movie with an impressive central character.

Joseph aka Ouseppachan is our main protagonist. He believes in God and thinks that God will make anything possible if he prays for it. This escapist mentality to get away from troubles by praying gives a big heartbreak to Ouseppachan when he loses someone important in life. In regret of that act, he decides to help some needy and finds a girl who has problems in both kidneys. Ouseppachan’s effort to help her and how that eventually molds him to be a better person is what Kunju Daivam talking about.

On a cinematic making level where you analyze the craft, this movie isn’t a big achiever. The story is the soul of its narrative. But the addition of black humor soaked satire mocking the opportunistic behavior of religion makes the proceedings interesting and thus the political statement made by the movie becomes an appreciable one. The evolvement of our hero is shown in a gradual and organic way and Adish Praveen manages to depict it neatly.

Adish deserves all the accolades for carrying the whole film on his shoulders wonderfully. The flaws in the writing were minimalized by this talented child actor. His excitement as the character never went to a plastic feel. Sidharth Siva was perfect for the role f priest. And Joju George in his cameo appearance was also a convincing choice. Reina Maria, Shyambhavi, Shoolapani and a few more actors are there in major roles in this film.

The message-driven nature of the movie is unavoidable and the director has tried to reduce it to a good extent. The spoon feeding statement zone of the writing is the major drawback on a creative side. But the climax of the film was something that looked highly appreciable on a conceptualization level. That scene spoke a lot within its silence. Made on a tight budget, the movie doesn’t look good in terms of other technical aspects.

Kunju Daivam is a really small film that has a run time of roughly 90 minutes. And within that time it manages to convey a tale with an intention, heart, and clarity. With performances and statements staying with you, Kunju Daivam is definitely watchable.


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