Kammara Sambhavam - A Technically sound movie with crooked propaganda

Kammara Sambhavam Review

Kammara Sambhavam is a black comedy targeting the current political scenario and the possible pattern of movies that come with the based on a true story label. The idea is pretty exciting. But when Murali Gopy’s script subtly tries to achieve other things through that, the intentions become questionable and the experience becomes clumsy.

A 96 year old Kammaran Nambiar who has lived through the British raj in India is our main protagonist. He was a crooked guy who has been loyal to every category of people that lived during that time and he used them for his benefits. When a party named ILP wanted a revamp in elections, they decided to project Kammaran as an unsung hero and decided to make a movie about him. Kammara Sambhavam is about this movie and the repercussions of it. 

The film’s duration is more than 3 hours and that’s always a bit too much to sit through. In the first half Rathish Ambat shows us the real crooked Kammaran. In the second half the film shows the glorified history of Kammaran. The intention is to tell the audience that history is a fabricated one. But to show that Murali Gopy has chosen certain historical events and he altered them in a spoofing manner. When you have a movie showing Gandhiji’s assassination as an entirely fabricated story, the intentions does become questionable and for me that was more disturbing. But still somewhere you tend to appreciate his cunningness in scripting as he placed certain off screen reference speeches in the fabricated zone of the film.

We have seen Dileep as an extremely comical and shy hero and also as a steamy action hero. That range allows him to be Kammaran. He carries the entirely different Kammarans in the movie neatly. Siddharth was effective in his dual shade. Namitha Pramod did well. Divya Prabha was good. Murali Gopy was there in his usual style. Indrans is there in a comical role. Bobby Simha, Vijayaraghavan, Siddique, Manikuttan, Baiju, Vinay Forrt, Shweta Menon etc. are the other major stars in the cast.

Rathish Ambat’s making never plunges the movie into boredom. For a three hour long movie done by a debutant, that seems like a big achievement.  The upside and downside of this movie is the script. While the concept of mixing two ideas was a creative one the alterations they are trying to make here to create an influence in you sounds a bit terrifying. The screen writing here is crooked and being crooked is also a talent. The cinematography was effective and the production design adds more to the visual quality. Edits are sharp. The music was just okay. 

Kammara Sambhavam could have been a cunning black comedy. But the right wing agenda it has got makes it a crooked propaganda film. If you were someone who enjoyed the technically sound Tiyaan by ignoring its propaganda, this movie might work for you.


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