Kakshi Amminippilla Review: a no-nonsense smart satire

Kakshi Amminippilla Review: a no-nonsense smart satire

Much like the Eid hit Thamaasha, the new Asif Ali movie Kakshi Amminippilla is a social satire about the stereotypical concepts of the society about things like beauty, marriage, etc. The movie has body shaming as one of its issues, but the ultimate goal is to expose the flaws in the concept of arranged marriage that doesn’t respect the choice of an individual. Kakshi Amminippilla is one movie that can move your heart and make you laugh out loud at the same time.

Our main protagonist Shajith Kumar Amminippilla gets married to a girl named Kanthi. The marriage was an arranged one and Amminippilla’s opinion was never considered by the seniors in the house. After the marriage, the immature Amminippilla, who had dreams of having a wife who looked like Sumalatha, was emotionally destroyed and he demanded a divorce within 7 days of marriage. What happens in the divorce petition when an advocate named Pradeepan decides to take up this case is what Kakshi Ammnippilla showing us.

Much like Thamasha, here also we get to laugh out loud at the flawed hero for a major part of the runtime. But the movie scores big in the second half when the writer decides to make things exciting and endearing. Both Pradeepan and Kanthi is switching gears in this phase and that does make this movie an interesting one. Even after being absent for a good portion, Kanthi makes a strong comeback to the story and makes it even more interesting. If you are someone who doubted the chances of this movie being an inspired version of Dum Laga Ke Haisha, I must say that this idea is much different from that in a nutshell.

You may feel the slang used by Asif Ali to capture the Thalassery vibe a bit odd in the beginning. But soon he masters it effectively. And the biggest freshness factor is the fact that his character Pradeepan is a very responsible family man. Ahmed Siddique succeeds in keeping some realism in the nerd he plays. Fara Shibla who did the role of Kanthi is the star of this movie. She successfully generates empathy for that character with mere expressions and physical transformation sort of guarantees how good she will be in the future. Basil Joseph and Nirmal Palazhi are the comic reliefs here. Vijayaraghavan was good while Srikanth Murali was excellent as the family court judge.

The conventional style of moviemaking is followed here. But the drama never becomes excessive or nothing feels like a burden to the script. Even the disjoint pieces are smartly blended to the narrative by connecting them to any of the characters. Conventional arranged marriage gets spoofed in many areas. And I really liked the way they placed this case in Pradeepan’s life. Bahul Ramesh’s frames bring authenticity to the movie. The music was impressive and so was the background score. 

Kakshi Amminippilla from Dinjith Ayyathan is a no-nonsense smart satire. It is not an outstanding piece of cinema. But it is a very honest movie with a lot of heart and a lot of laughter. The peculiarity of the theme is truly a wonderful sign that new filmmakers are exploring different subjects.


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