Kadam Kadha review: an okay film with some good performances

Kadam Kadha review: an okay film with some good performances

The common man getting forced to do something dangerous and desperate after life problems forcing him is an idea that we have seen a lot of times in movies. Kadam Kadha from debutante Senthil Rajan is also exploring the same terrain. The theme is very familiar for us and along with that the film’s making lacks the kind of thrill one would expect and thus Kadam Kadha is just an okay film.

Kadam Kadha revolves around two people, Giri and Cleetus. They are two individuals who have a lot of financial liabilities due to their flawed business ventures.  At one juncture a businessman Sreekumar asks them to do a job for him and he offered to help them financially. How Giri and Cleetus deal with this situation where they have to do a job they don’t want to do to get rid of all their debts is what Kadam Kadha talking about.

Intrigue is one key element in thrillers. The first half of the movie is entirely invested in showing us the miseries of these characters. The second half is where the film shifts its gears. But Senthil Rajan and Philip Sigi can’t build an intense thriller in these areas. We will be making predictions about the possible twists and the outcome is somewhat in the same zone. Too many subplots are there in this film which distracts the movie from being a genuine thriller. Tightening of the script with only major plot elements might have made it a little more interesting.

The major ups in this film are on the on screen performance side. Joju George adds a layer of natural acting to his usual style of performance. Vinay Forrt who has been doing a few characters in similar space, does his character easily. I liked the performance of Roshan Mathew in this film. Renji Panicker, Manikandan Pattambi, Siju (Angamaly Diaries fame), Veena Nandhakumar, Saiju Kuruppu, Alexander Prashanth, Srinda etc. are the other major actors in this film.

The thrill quotient wasn’t at a level one would expect it to be and that’s where Senthil Rajan couldn’t achieve the target. The treatment of the second half was partially dull. The over written content from Philip Sigi derails the film from its focus. Unnecessary parallel track comedy and clichéd sentiments reduce the emotional impact and punch of the film. Buildups weren’t that organic. Faisal Ali’s cinematography wasn’t making an impression. So was the case with Deepankuran’s music.

Kadam Kadha concludes in just two hours. But it feels a little longer than that. The fair enough performances and discrete humor helps the movie in being a little bit engaging. But the probability of you thinking about the film after finishing watching it is quite low. 


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