Jomonte Suvisheshangal Review; a Collage of Preachy Films

Jomonte Suvisheshangal Malayalam movie Review

There are certain elements we do expect in a Sathyan Anthikad film and Jomonte Suvisheshangal has all that. The repeating preachy nature of the plot is the major drawback of the movie and because of an uninspiring writing, the movie can’t come out of its average nature at any point of narration. The preaching part is the plus and minus of this family drama which struggles to be unique.

Vincent is a prominent businessman in Thrissur. He has many businesses like Transport buses, textile shops and real estate. Jomon is the younger son of Vincent and the guy isn’t that serious about his future. A financial decision to make a dream project come true ends up in a scenario where Vincent loses all his wealth. How Vincent and family tries to tackle this situation and how this shapes Jomon as a responsible man is what Jomonte Suvisheshangal telling us.

The assembled feel of the screenplay is the major setback. The platform of Vinodayathra again gets used. A good portion of the film has similarity with director’s earlier directorial venture Rasathanthram. If those two stories were used to create a premise, the conflict zone is made in a way similar to the latest Vineeth Sreenivasan film Jacobinte Swargarajyam. One thing good about these inspirations is that they are all relatively good films and because of that there is a basic story quality to the film. But as we are familiar with these movies Jomonte Suvisheshangal struggles in being fresh.

Dulquer Salmaan delivers a performance that looks good on screen. I don’t know in which scene the director forgot to say cut, but as a viewer there wasn’t any scene which moved me that much. Mukesh shows his experience in being Vincent. Anupama Parameshwaran looks good in a relatively irrelevant character. Aishwarya Rajesh gets a lengthy character with fewer challenges. The elaborate cast includes names like Innocent, Irshad, Manobala, Muthumani, Vinu Mohan, Jacob Gregory, Shivaji Guruvayoor and a few more.

The making style of the director is pretty much the same. The level of drama, preaching, the minimal eccentricity in handling humor etc. has the signature feel of a Sathyan Anthikad film. Nobody in the film uses the famous Thrissur slang and that looked weird to me. The script from Iqbal Kuttippuram is the downside of the film. The lack of an original idea to drive the plot makes it underwhelming. The life lessons it imparts may be relevant in a literature level, but as an inviting cinematic experience it fails to be absorbing. S Kumar has done a really good job behind the camera. Songs are kind of okay.

Jomonte Suvisheshangal would have been a much better cinema if the conflict or the solution were presented in a better way. It has good performances, an okay story and an unimpressive screenplay. If you have not felt anything repetitive about the selection of stories of Sathyan Anthikad in the recent past, this one may impress you.


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