Honey Bee 2.5 Review: an inspirational film fails in every way

Honey Bee 2.5 Review: an inspirational film fails in every way

When you design a story without giving much emphasis to the core emotion, a movie like Honey Bee 2.5 is born. Described as the journey of a wannabe actor to fulfilling his dream, this movie isn’t really showing us the real struggle of an actor and what you see isn’t absorbing at all. With the hero being unable to deliver a quality performance and the director making it in an old fashioned way, Honey Bee 2.5 is a letdown.

An aspiring actor named Vishnu who completed his acting course from Adayar University is our leading protagonist. He was offered a few films as hero but as the projects didn’t happen his struggle went on. Finally one director suggested him to go to the sets of Honey Bee 2 and grab an opportunity. Vishnu’s efforts to get a role in that film and how it all eventually happens is what Honey Bee 2.5 talking about.

Best Actor starring Mammootty was a film that was in the similar zone. But that film was always exploring the acting potential and passion of the actor frequently. Here the problem is that we are only getting to see other sides of difficulties. For that segment of audience who have no clue on how a movie is made, some sequences in this film may give them an idea. That’s the only catchy positive and rest is pretty dull. Askar Ali’s lack of grace causes more problems as we don’t empathize with the character.

Askar Ali on his debut is playing a character who is a graduate from Adayar. Well looking at his performance we can definitely be sure about one thing that every Adayar graduate isn’t a fine performer. He doesn’t have the ease to be the character and the emotions are also limited. Lijomol did her part neatly. Hareesh and Nirmal were bit too much in the side track comedy. Apart from these characters, the cast and crew of Honey Bee 2 is there in Honey Bee 2.5.

Shyju Anthikad has a very outdated style in presenting drama and sentiments. The “Amme Chettan Vannu..” kind of scenes are still there in his movies. The only easy to watch areas of this film are mainly within the sets of HB 2.  May be the inputs of technicians in that crew has helped them. Twists and turns are predictable and not so striking. Average cinematography and cuts are supported by good music from Deepak Dev.

Honey Bee 2.5 wants to be an inspiring film. But with too much of swiftness in narrative, the film fails to establish characters and emotions.