Hello Dubaikaran review: just a series of rotten jokes

Hello Dubaikaran review: just a clueless comedy outing

When you try to stuff in every frame with some kind of comedy to make a movie a comedy entertainer a film like Hello Dubaikkaran is born. Directed by Hrishri Baburaj and Harishree Yousuf, this movie is a test of patience as the film makers are clueless about how to treat this story. With clichés and rotten jokes getting poured in each scene, it is difficult to sit through this one.  

Prakashan has this dream of going to Dubai and do job there and become a rich guy. In his childhood he saw the kind of respect those Dubai NRIs got and that made him go after this dream. But when he grew up plans to go to Dubai weren’t working out that smoothly. The film thus tells us about that last attempt he makes to go to Dubai and how that goes.

Harishree Yousuf and Harisri Baburaj are the directors of this movie. The script written by Yousuf is a really pathetic mixture of comedy, sentiments and heroics. That mixture puts the film in a clusless space and with all the clichés and pointless jokes annoying us to the core, this film is nothing short from being a headache. From misogynistic jokes to tried and tested slapstick ideas, the film struggles to have an identity. And when you finally sense that the movie is about to conclude, they just extend the trauma with chaotic events.

Adil Ibrahim who made decent outings as an actor is clueless here on how to handle this hero character offered to him. The confused treatment of the movie affects his performance too. Sunil Sukhada was okay. Salim Kumar in his eccentric form doesn’t really work for the film. Dharmajan as the friend and Malavika Menon as the heroine have very less to do here. One of the villains were absolutely hilarious as his performance as a serious antagonist will make you giggle. Balachandran Chullikkadu, Ambika Mohan, Sivaji Guruvayur, Indrans, Kottayam Naseer and many others are there in characters that you won’t even remember.

The story seems to be of least importance in this movie. In order to make a comedy entertainer, they have tried to stuff in comedy in each and every frame and that just doesn’t work for the movie. The mediocrity level increases unbelievably in the last quarter of the film and I was finding it really difficult to handle the torture. The particular twist in the movie is absolutely lame. The technical aspects like cinematography, editing and music were below average and the art direction was really poor.

If watching a series of skit jokes can entertain you as a viewer, Hello Dubaikkaran would be a bearable cinema. If you are more specific about what a cinema should be, just stay away from this one.


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