Goodalochana movie review

Goodalochana movie review

The major problem with the new Thomas Sebastian film Goodalochana is the weak script of the movie written by the main lead of the movie, Dhyan Sreenivasan. A plot that could have been an okay one-time fun watch gets derailed and distracted due to an overwritten screenplay that is trying to achieve a lot within a span of 147 minutes. With just discrete jokes working in its favor, Goodalochana is an underwhelming experience. Four thick friends Varun, Prakashan, Ajaz, and Jamsheer are our main characters. Even though they are from different backdrops, the lack of identity due to the unemployed status kept them restless. One of their plans to tackle certain difficulties by a foul play and how it puts them in a difficult situation and how that eventually goes to many other things is what Goodalochana all about.

The character played by Hareesh has this typical Kozhikode slang which makes most of his murmuring counter dialogues laugh-worthy. But beyond those moments of fun, there is no real strength to the story of Goodalochana. The plot here is shifting its target very frequently. At one point it feels like a cover-up operation and after that, there is this artist’s self-recognition phase. And when you think everything is over there is one more 20-minute long friendship saga.

Thomas Sebastian is not putting an effort to add more realness into the backdrop and behavior of characters. The script by Dhyan Sreenivasan is way too elaborate and is trying to touch too many things. But he seems to be struggling to package it with events and characters that are more relevant to the core of the story. The character of Vishnu Govindan and the many anecdotes in the first half to show the condition of the characters doesn’t add up on a backtrack. Technically, the camera work was fine. Edits couldn’t reduce the glitches in the writing. Both the songs were good but the placements weren’t that good. The BGM wasn’t that pleasing with those lyrics on them.

Dhyan Sreenivasan is in a way playing the hero of the film. But in terms of screen presence or screen time, he doesn’t look like a central character. Aju Varghese gets a character that has got a little bit more than the usual hero’s friend character and he was fine. Sreenath Bhasi struggles with slang while Hareesh makes the most of it. Vishnu Govindan was good. Mamtha is there in an extended cameo. Alencier, Bhagath, and Niranjana are the other major actors in this film.

Goodalochana is a movie that should have been reduced in terms of plotting on a script level itself. With a way too elaborate story and a non-conflict oriented narration, this movie feels like a dud.


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