God Say Review; A satiric take on Gandhigiri


God Say directed by Sherrey and Shyju is this satire that impresses in setting up the conflict and fizzles slightly when it comes to the conclusion. It has a tremendous lead actor who delivers a top notch performance and with its relevance in the modern day political scenario, God Say somewhat strikes the chord with the audience.

Harishchandran is the main protagonist of the movie. He works in All India Radio as a program presenter, but his life style was bizarre as he was an alcoholic. At one point of his career, he got to anchor a program based on Gandhi’s ideologies. The movie God Say sarcastically looks at the consequences of the influence of Gandhi in Harishchandran.

The film is set in the backdrop of the 90’s where all the globalization and related stuff started. We as a society have this demerit of not anticipating the issues of political decisions. As it is set in the realistic 90’s and we are now in 2017, the teasing you get to see in the film’s satiric approach is quite hard hitting. The movie very effectively builds those aspects of its agenda and when it came towards the end of it, the treatment got unnecessarily convoluted and a possible thought provoking aspect got reduced.

The spine of the movie is actually how Harishchandran reacts to the changes happening to his own ideologies and Vinay Forrt was bang on in depicting that character. There was ease and honesty in his portrayal. When the dramatic feel troubles the movie, it was this performance that kept it engaging. Mythili was fine. Joy Mathew did his role neatly and so was Indrans. Mamukkoya, Surjith and a few more are there as characters.

If Sherrey and Shyju could have found a better way to conclude that second half of the movie, God Say would have made it to the hall of fame of satiric classics. The richness of the first half just doesn’t get the required support from the treatment of the second half. The pauses, prolongs and symbolism had meaning to it for sure, but the impact wasn’t there. Music suits the tone of the film. Some memorable framings were there to convey the idea.  

God Say has humor that isn’t peripheral and it keeps you occupied and attracted to the content. Neo dramatic narrative is something that is hard to convey effectively and I feel that it was that part of the treatment which slightly drags the movie.



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