Fukri Review: Fixing families with a pinch of comedy

Fukri Review: Fixing families with a pinch of comedy

Fukri is an unexciting story that has a lot of wit in almost all the scenes. The mould of the story is something that is similar to the family patch up stories we have seen in the silver screen. But with comedy ingredients added to it, Fukri becomes a passable entertainer with many highs and lows to its credit.

A mechanical engineering drop out Lukman (Lucky) is the central protagonist of the movie. He does many jobs including beating up people to faking identities to get money. One such con job for two girls puts him in trouble. He had to continue with the fake identity because of the circumstances. How it all progresses and where it puts him ultimately is what Fukri dealing with.

In Malayalam itself, we have seen films like Karyasthan and a few others where a hero has arrived to fix all the issues in the family or between the families through his tactics. Fukri also does the very same thing with a little change in the end. As we are quite familiar with this kind of drama, the story of Fukri is quite predictable and it can’t create an impression over its novelty. The famous confusion jokes, physical stunt jokes etc. are a key part of any Siddique movie and in Fukri all these are there along with the counter dialogue humor from the supporting cast. You might occasionally find the excessive jokes as disturbing, but it actually keeps the movie alive.

The character of Lukman is in the comfort zone of an actor like Jayasurya. He does comedy very easily and has the grace to be the serious actor when required. Actor Siddique as Fukri Saahib was once again impressive. Lal as Ali Fukri struggles a bit. Nirmal Palazhy creates a good impression with his Calicut slang. Niyas and Bhagath supported him really well. Prayaga Martin and Anu Sithara couldn’t create an impression with acting. KPAC Lalitha, Jananrdhanan, Joju George, John Kaippallil, Mukundan and a lot of stage artists are there in the movie’s elaborate cast.

Siddique’s films weren’t really creating a striking impression with the audience in the recent past due to the lack of an authentic exciting story. In the case of Fukri too, he takes an existing template and tweaks it a little bit. He adds comedy to the scenes to make it engaging. The first 30 minutes or so of the film is aimlessly wandering to get a station. Predictability is a negative and all those clichés in melodramatic scenes make it more unappealing. Cinematography style of Vijay Ulaganath is more on the brighter side. Edits had issues. Music is kind of okay.

Fukri is a watchable movie for sure and it is mainly because of the comedy in dialogues that may not stay with you when you leave the theater. As a popcorn entertainer for two and a half hour, Fukri is worth a watch.


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