Fancy Dress Review: simply a bland movie no purpose

Fancy Dress Review: simply a bland movie no purpose

Fancy Dress produced by Guinness Pakru and directed by Ranjith SKaria is simply a bland movie no purpose. The heavily clichéd movie that can be predicted very easily is an insult to the basic intelligence of a common man. The only thing that can be appreciated in this movie is its decision to end the mediocrity quickly by making it a 124 minutes movie.

Two thieves are our main characters. They were living an okay smuggling life in Goa by selling drugs. One fine day they land in Kochi in a different role and getup. There is definitely a plan behind this sudden change of plans and what we see in Fancy Dress is the reason behind this plan.

Shweta Menon’s sane character believes that Guinness Pakru is a baby and she even gives Cerelac to Pakru. This movie isn’t an absurd comedy and when you see stuff like this in a movie that wants us to be intelligent as well, that’s annoying as hell. Like I already said, freshness is not a concern for Pakru and Skaria. The caricature characters are easily forgettable and unbearably annoying. The way the movie ends will make you wonder whether they abruptly wrapped the movie due to budget constraints.

The movie announces its level of mediocrity in the very first scene itself. We are shown the Goan life of the heroes. And it is so random a tacky that you will sense what kind of content is awaiting you when the movie shifts its plot to Kerala. They tried to make it exciting by changing the narrative pattern. But when your content is absolutely hollow an editing pattern won’t save it from being utter crap. The movie is so banal that even the makers may find it difficult to assign a genre to the movie. Music was pathetic and the movie’s technical aspects in totality were trashy.

Guinness Pakru felt like a misfit for this job. The movie was desperately trying hard to make it comfortable for Pakru, but we just can’t buy this concept easily. Someone like a Sooraj Thelakkad would have been a very sensible inclusion. Hareesh repeats himself with mumbling dialogues, but the grey shade in his character was a new one. Soumya Menon yet again gets a pointless role opposite Hareesh. Shweta Menon was disappointing as the over-enthusiastic housewife. Kalabhavan Shajon was impressive. Comedians like Saju Navodhaya, Bijukuttan, Pradeep Kottayam etc will make sure you had a rough time inside the theatre.

Both writing and making are extremely mediocre in Fancy Dress. Any lame script can’t be converted into an entertainer by squeezing in multiple stars. The film was far away from the title of the movie and thus they had to include a horribly composed title track to make us remember the title of the movie.


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